How To Do SEO On A Small Budget

How To Do SEO On A Small Budget

Posted: 10th April 2013

The current financial climate often means that webmasters and business have a small budget due to financial restraints. This often means cuts in staff, advertising and search engine optimisation. However one great thing about SEO is that you can still get results with a small budget.

This article will describe the steps you should take to ensure that you’re doing SEO right, even if you’re on a small budget.

Website Analysis

The first step you should take with any SEO strategy is to first see where you’re at. Seeing where you’re at means analysing where your website is currently ranking for its desired keywords. If you see that you’re not ranking where you want for specific key phrases then you’ll have to put work in.

The worst case scenario is where you’re not targeting anything at all. However this can be changed quite quickly if you do some keyword analysis.

Competitor Analysis

After you’ve done your keyword analysis you should see what keywords your competitors are targeting. This will set a good baseline of what types of marketing and products they are trying to push through the search engines.

Although it’s good to know what your competitors are doing, you shouldn’t make it the sole focus of your campaign. If you get too wrapped up in what your competitors activities are you could lose sight of what your individual purpose is.

Keyword Analysis

After you’ve done a simple website analysis you should then look to see what keywords you are targeting and which ones you’re ranking for. You should always have a main keyword, secondary keywords and long tail keywords.

The best way to do your keyword analysis is through free tools with one good one being the Google Keyword Tool. You should seek to compile your best keywords and their ranking in an excel spread sheet as it’s one of the most simple ways to organise.

Content Production

One extremely important aspect of any SEO strategy whether it’s high budget or low budget is content production. If you overlook this aspect of SEO then you will most certainly be left behind by your competitors. Content production doesn’t have to be done on a large scale and you can often do it yourself if you have the spare time.

Content Outreach

The final piece of the SEO puzzle can be simply getting your content out there. Since you don’t have a large budget for SEO then you will have to produce the best content possible for you audience. If you do that properly then you can certainly gain a few fans and followers.

Whether you’re a website that’s established or just starting out you should try and build relationships in your niche. By doing so, you will have access to the other person’s audience and be able to share your content even further. These tips are basic but once you realise the value of SEO and take it seriously then it can be scaled for profit.

This post is from Kev Massey from seo3D. Kev leads a team of experienced SEO and provides useful optimisation tips on how to rank your website on Google.  provides affordable UK SEO solutions for small businesses wanting a presence on the search engines.

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