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Digital Roundup: Including How IKEA Used Digital Strategy to Gain Rich Customer Insights (and make more money!)

Digital Roundup: Including How IKEA Used Digital Strategy to Gain Rich Customer Insights (and make more money!)

Posted: 11th February 2021


Each week we bring you all the digital marketing news you need to know right now. This week we take a look at an update to Google Search, which could make life easier when doing keyword research; how IKEA changed their digital strategy and boosted their profits; and we take a quick look at web accessibility, and whether the strategies you are implementing are actually cutting through: 

Google are making it easier to reach the right customers on Search



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As consumer behaviour changes, Google continues to update the way in which marketers use their tools. Sometimes this can throw a spanner in the works of already laid plans. In other cases, Google throws the industry a new way of doing things which could improve the way in which we work.

Currently when using Google Search for PPC advertising campaigns, Google can’t track the intent of words. For instance, if you were selling used printers, and your campaign uses the search terms ‘used+printers’, Google would include in the results, ‘how did the Tudors use printers’. However, the latest update can read for intent, and you will begin to see fewer irrelevant results against these terms.

Starting mid-February, you will no longer have to worry about broad match, which means there will be no need to think about the phrases that you don’t want. Instead, the phrase match should do the work for you, focussing on word order and intent to ensure that the keywords in your Google Ads campaign reflect the services that you provide, in order to reach the customers you want to meet.

The full roll out of phrase match is not expected until summer 2021, but you will begin to see changes from mid February. Find our more here.


QUICK CHECK: Is your website accessible? 3 quick ways to make your website accessible to a bigger segment of the population.


Website accessibility is set to be a huge trend for 2021. If your website isn’t optimised for all possible customers, then you may be missing out on a huge portion of your potential market.

Three Ways To Make Your Website More Accessible:

Add ALT text to images

ALT text is an invisible description of images which are read aloud to blind users on a screen reader. The ALT text will not be seen on your website, but can be ready by software used by those who are visually impaired.

Choose colours carefully

Colourblindness affects roughly 1 in 12 people in the UK and it can have a huge effect on the way people experience websites. When picking your website colours, make sure that your text stands out against the background, and use headers to improve the flow of your content and make it easier to digest.

Think about space

Don’t clutter the page with different elements. Think about how the eye is drawn over the page. Think about your menu layout and how easy this is for the user to navigate. Break up text with pictures, but don’t use too many, and ensure that they correspond to the rest of the content.

Your graphic designer and web developer will understand how to optimise your website for accessibility. Ensuring that your website is accessible is an easy way to stretch your market and ensure that your products is able to reach everyone it can.

How IKEA harnessed digital strategy to gain rich customer insights (and make more money!)

With footfall in physical stores non existent and an overnight change in consumer buying habits, IKEA focussed on their digital strategy. The brand wanted to create sustainable change which reflected the core values of their customers.

IKEA has always been popular amongst first time buyers and renters. However, with changes in consumer buying habits and new market competitors, IKEA needed to overhaul their digital marketing strategy.

Using consumer insights, they were able to build a better picture of their market. They found that whilst consumers loved the novel experience of shopping in IKEA, they were also a socially conscious bunch, which meant that they were more reluctant than ever to purchase furniture from a company which doesn’t actively promote sustainability. IKEA’s affordable interior design has often been compared to the fast fashion of the furniture world for being so affordable that many of the items purchased ended up in landfill within 5 years.

After analysing their digital insights, IKEA conducted an overhaul of their website to mimic the experience of shopping in store. Blogs showcasing products used in real homes became a key feature of the website, supported by responsive graphics and high resolution images which could have been taken straight out of a lifestyle magazine.

Alongside this came a return to emphasis on a community ethos and commitment to sustainability that had always been within the fabric of IKEA’s brand. In 2020, IKEA launched an initiative to help customers to cut down on waste by allowing them to resell used IKEA furniture via their Bargain Corner, putting sustainability front and centre. It also showcased it’s managerial strategy, promoting promising figures that 50% of IKEA store managers are women. IKEA were on a mission to prove that they were as forward thinking as their customers.

By taking notice of customer behaviour online, tracking clicks and learning more about their target market, IKEA have seen a growth in their sales despite most physical locations remaining closed.

Like many brands, IKEA are now tuning into their customer behaviours more closely than ever and leaning into decisions which take into account social consciousness in order to improve sales and develop their brand for the next decade.

That’s it for this week’s Digital Marketing Round Up! To stay on top of all of the latest Priority Pixels news, follow us on social media.

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