Pay Per Click Advertising

As part of an intelligent and innovative 360 digital campaign strategy, Paid Search Marketing can be an excellent way to drive relevant traffic to your site. PSM includes techniques like Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) which are used across a variety of platforms for example Google Ads, Shopping and Bing Ads as well as bespoke content on a range of Social Media sites.

Online consumer behaviours, user interaction, the digital landscape, technology, software and platforms all continue to evolve at a rapid pace. At Priority Pixels we monitor new trends and developments and make sure that the strategies we have in place for each client are dynamic, fluid and regularly updated. We have the right team, technology and know-how to ensure that your paid search activity is at the forefront of digital innovation.

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PPC Case Studies

New and improved PPC strategy for leading dental centre

As part of a 360° digital strategy Priority Pixels helped Revitalise Dental Centre create a number of pay-per-click campaigns to help raise brand awareness and drive business to their website.

Facebook Ads were used to run targeted campaigns as well as remarketing ads to target customers that had already visited the Revitalise Dental Centre website. Understanding how important video ads are in the digital age, our moving image team created multiple short videos showing the Revitalise team interacting with patients and showcasing their state of the art treatment centre. With video ads running on YouTube and LinkedIn, and display ads on Google and Facebook, Revitalise now have a PPC strategy that’s built for success.

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Google Ad campaigns for assisted bathing specialist

Part of the Gainsborough Healthcare Group, Access Walk-in Baths specialise in providing accessible bathrooms and specialist baths for people with restricted mobility. As a company providing a specialist service, their PPC advertising needed to target their demographic so as not to waste their budget on unnecessary clicks.

Google Ads were created for the Search Network to target people looking for assisted bathing solutions in residential properties across the UK. This was coupled with a Display Ads campaign targeting people who have searched for similar products or companies. By linking these campaigns to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager we are able to track conversions and provide details on their ROI.

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Google Ads and Remarketing for Plymouth based plumber

Plymouth based J. Clifton Boiler Repairs & Servicing have built a strong reputation in their local area by delivering a reliable service which is customer centric. With strong local competition J. Clifton reached out to Priority Pixels to create a PPC advertising strategy to target people in and around the Plymouth area.

Priority Pixels started by doing keyword research, looking for search terms to give J.Clifton the edge over their competition. As a plumber specialising in boiler repairs and servicing it was critical we targeted customers looking for boiler repairs and servicing as opposed to more general plumbing services. To increase visibility further a remarketing campaign was created to target previous visitors to the website.

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Targeted PPC lead generation for South West-based construction, recruitment, and home improvements group

After using several different agencies to manage their pay-per-click advertising campaigns across Google AdWords and Bing Ads, they weren’t seeing the success they were looking for. After bringing the campaigns back in-house and managing themselves, they were looking for a digital marketing partner who could evaluate and execute a pay-per-click advertising strategy that would work.

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Google Ad management for London based skincare specialist and beauty consultant

Skin by Melissa Coupe is a London based skin and laser clinic offering a variety of treatments for the face and body, to help with a wide range of aesthetic concerns and requirements.

With an underperforming Google Ads campaign already in place we were asked to review and improve it’s overall performance. Since taking on management of the account the average cost per click has decreased to 65 pence and the average cost per conversion has dropped to £40.

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New and improved PPC strategy for leading dental centre Google Ad campaigns for assisted bathing specialist Google Ads and Remarketing for Plymouth based plumber Targeted PPC lead generation for South West-based construction, recruitment, and home improvements group Google Ad management for London based skincare specialist 
 and beauty consultant

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

At Priority Pixels we take the mystery out of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, giving you a results driven campaign that works as part of your 360 marketing strategy.

We’ll make sure that your PPC budget is spent wisely, returning excellent results, increasing your brand awareness and driving all important traffic to your site.

A detailed and well researched PPC campaign can enhance your search rankings and, alongside effective on-site SEO, can elevate your organic search results too. We want to drive traffic to your digital spaces but it has to be the right kind of traffic. A good PPC strategy means more qualified leads and ensures your message and your brand are landing in front of a specific target audience.

We will not let you simply throw money at a PPC campaign. Let us know your budget and your goals and our expert PPC team will compile a comprehensive plan to ensure a return on your investment.

As Individual As You

Every organisation is different. This is why you need a digital marketing plan that is tailored to your needs and your budget. Our CPA team specialise in putting together intelligent and responsive campaigns that are customised to you. You are spending your hard-earned money with us and we take that responsibility very seriously. At Priority Pixels we regard you as a partner and will work with you to create the best combination of digital sales tools to meet your goals.

Ads That Work

Our creative team have years of experience writing digital ad copy that appeals to the right target audience. We will help you to devise an effective ‘Buyer’s Journey’ that helps you and your customer achieve a positive outcome. Your ads will be continually evaluated and updated to meet your developing goals and to reflect changes in customer behaviour and engagement.

Keywords - Research & Monitoring

Taking time to understand your goals and business plans is part of our in-depth research and in the long run this detailed planning and development delivers better leads for you. At Priority Pixels we have dedicated keyword specialists who work within your budget to secure the best results. We provide detailed competitor analysis as part of our plan and look at ways for you to win market share and boost your profile. As with all aspects of the digital strategies we create, we can rapidly adjust any aspect of it, responding quickly to the needs of you and your customer base.

Advertising on Social Media

Understanding your target audience is crucial for us to develop a campaign that reaches your perfect client in an authentic way. Different customer bases, demographics and on-line tribes occupy a selection of varied digital spaces. We know how big an impact you can make using the right kind of campaign on the right kind of platform and we will help you to work out where your ads and your budget will work best. Whether that’s Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or a combination approach.

PPC Audits

Continual evaluation is the key to a well-run and effective PPC campaign. As part of our commitment to you we regularly assess the success rate of any marketing scheme we undertake for you and make recommendations for improvements. We can help if you have a long standing campaign elsewhere that needs to produce better results or if you have been doing your PPC in-house, we can advise on ways to make your strategy run more smoothly.

PPC Cost Management

Our goal is for you to achieve quality results and an excellent return on your PPC investment. This is why we undertake Cost Management for every campaign we oversee. From the start we
determine which keywords are likely to yield the most effective and efficient results for your brand and when the campaign is set, we monitor the outcomes and report those results to you. We’ll make recommendations for any changes, additions or improvements, ensuring you get the best value for money.

Conversion Tracking

Removing barriers so that customers have an easy and smooth ‘Buyer’s Journey’ is what we do best. Our PPC and Conversion experts have years of experience in making sure that initial click interest is converted into a positive result for both you and your customer. Seamless transitions, easy to navigate sites and results-driven ads are our specialities. We can track, analyse and report back on all interactions with the content we create for you, keeping you informed and in control of your digital identity.

Google Ads

Google Ads is the advertising platform offered by the search engine Google. It was previously known as Adwords and it currently delivers 33% of global digital advertising revenue and accounts for 97% of Google’s earnings. There is no doubt it is the biggest player in online advertising which is why our team have become experts in creating Google Ad strategies that win results for our clients.

A successful Google Ads campaign can see companies earning £2 back for every £1 they spend on their advertising. These results are primarily due to the volume of traffic that Google processes every day.

In a nutshell, Google Ads allows you to compete with other companies advertising in your field by bidding on the search terms you have chosen for your adverts. Extensive research of these terms by our in-house team allows us to make sure your ad lands in front of the right customer for you. We plan your campaign with minute precision and in-depth industry knowledge to deliver highly targeted and quality visitors to your website.

Using our monthly reporting approach we can assess how any campaign is performing and make recommendations for any optimisation that will bring you more customers at a lower price.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are constantly evolving and offering more and more detailed targeting options and analytics to advertisers. The data that Facebook collects from users means that ads on the platform can deliver a highly relevant audience for your products and services.

Customers can be targeted by demographic, location, interests, engagement and online behaviour among other things. Using Facebook Ad templates we can also help you to create adverts for a specific purpose or action for example achieving increased physical footfall to a local shop or delivering targeted customers to a specific area or product on your site.

For many of our clients we have optimised brand recognition by creating custom Remarketing ads on platforms like Facebook. Essentially this allows you to reach an audience base who have engaged with your brand on a previous occasion, reminding them of your products and building a deeper bond with your organisation.

YouTube Ads

YouTube is the World’s Second Biggest Search Engine. Every few seconds 24 hours worth of content is uploaded to this platform creating an endless source of entertainment and information for its vast and highly engaged audience.

There are a number of YouTube ad formats that we use to create marketing content for our clients. As this platform is constantly evolving and innovating with new ways to reach your targeted customer base, we adjust and improve our approach to take advantage of these developments.

Targeting options on YouTube are indepth and include audience demographics, interest areas, affinity and behaviours, life events, in-market audiences, remarketing, placements, keywords and topics. This can feel overwhelming if you are new to advertising on YouTube. At Priority Pixels we are used to walking new clients through this process, helping them navigate the complexities of online ad content and making sure their digital budget works as hard as possible.

We can help you optimise your output, achievening viewers that meet your audience targets and delivering a greater return on your investment.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a networking site for working professionals and although the user interface isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram the usership is large and highly engaged. Currently a staggering 80% of B2B leads are created through LinkedIn and B2B advertisers have been quick to adopt this platform with 94% of them using the site to distribute content to a target audience.

The platform provides a selection of advertising options including among others; text and image based ads, sponsored content and InMail solutions. LinkedIn enables advertisers to generate leads, enhance website traffic and build brand awareness and loyalty.

Ad options on LinkedIn are comparatively less sophisticated that on other platforms, however we believe that your marketing portfolio should aspire to a range of bespoke and targeted content. If your customer base is active on LinkedIn, we have the tools to create clever solutions which will engage and inspire them.

Instagram Ads

Although Instagram has a reputation for launching solo influencers, one third of the platform’s most viewed ‘stories’ are from businesses and charities.

Instagram is undoubtedly The Visual Platform, with emphasis on high quality imagery that speaks to an aware, engaged and active audience.

We can help you explore the many ways that Instagram offers to speak to your core demographic, from sponsorship and still or moving image based ads to carousel content.

Instagram is owned by Facebook which means it echoes the Facebook Ad approach. We can help you to cross-market between the two platforms as well as using our in-house creative team to develop bespoke imagery for your accounts.

A huge 60% of consumers discover a new product or service via Instagram and a staggering 75% are motivated to take action having been inspired by a post or story.

Instagram is an essential part of the digital marketing toolbox and our team can advise you on the ways your business can benefit from a presence on this stylish platform.

Experts in Paid Search Advertising

Our in-house creative team and digital strategy specialists make managing your paid ad campaign easy. They are highly experienced in developing and executing innovative schemes that maximise your budget and deliver quality results.

When you chose Priority Pixels you’ll get:

A Partnership

A Partnership

We work with you in every sense of the phrase. Guiding you through the complexities of online advertising and offering our experience and know-how to get you the outcomes you need. We are proactive and efficient and our team are happy to answer any technical questions. Keeping you informed and up-to-date makes our job easier and we’re keen to hear any ideas you have for your campaign.

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail

Research, planning and laser focus on your goals. These are the keys to delivering you the best results from your digital campaign. Continually monitoring and updating your plan will keep your ads fresh and relevant in a busy and evolving marketplace.

A Team of PPC Specialists

A Team of PPC Specialists

The Priority Pixels team is here to help and no question is too simple or complex. You’ll be allocated a specific account manager for your campaign who will be your dedicated point of contact and will ensure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Regular Reports and Monitoring

Regular Reports and Monitoring

Let us know how often you’d like to see campaign reports and we’ll set it up for you. Your account manager will be in charge of feeding back relevant content and monitoring to you and we can make sure you have 24/7 access to your ad information if you need it.

Paid Search Advertising can be a hugely successful addition to your marketing efforts and is well worth investigating. If you would like to speak to our knowledgeable team about what we can achieve for you please email, or call 01626 245061.

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Priority Pixels have been an excellent asset in helping us with our website and Google Ads. They are highly communicative, they provide us with excellent advice, and are always on hand when we need them.

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Since its launch our website's traffic has steadily grown and has exceeded our projections. I would not hesitate to recommend Priority Pixels to anybody thinking of launching a website.

David Bell

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Initially I rang enquiring about SEO / ad word marketing only. But I was so impressed with their service and level of professionalism received, that I had my hosting transferred to them as well.

Melissa Coupe

Skin by Melissa Coupe

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Our team will work closely with your brand to build innovative digital experiences for your target audience. It is our mission to create digital campaigns that are not only creative and market leading, but most importantly, deliver commercial success.

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