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As a successful holding company, The Harbron Group is made up of two separate businesses in Harbron Home Improvements and Harbron Recruit.

Trading for 25 years, Harbron Home Improvements is a family run company specialising in the supply and installation of resin walkways, artificial grass, fencing, driveways, landscaping, and groundworks. With specialist teams, they service residential and commercial properties across the South West.

Founded in 2005, Harbron Recruit is a specialist construction recruitment agency. Based in Devon, they offer temporary and permanent recruitment opportunities, and contract placements, for candidates and clients across the entire construction industry sector across the UK.


After using several different agencies to manage their pay-per-click advertising campaigns across Google AdWords and Bing Ads, they weren’t seeing the success they were looking for. After bringing the campaigns back in-house and managing themselves, they were looking for a digital marketing partner who could evaluate and execute a pay-per-click advertising strategy that would work.

The Brief

By taking on the management of both Google AdWords and Bing Ads accounts, we were brought in to look into the following key areas:

  • Increase Click Through Rate (CTR)
    Harbron Home Improvements CTR was just 0.79% and Harbron Recruits CTR was 2.27%, so both keyword and ad optimisation was required in order to improve the CTRs, and to ensure they were targeting the right customers to get the right type of conversion.
  • Increase Conversions
    With conversion rates at 2.01% for Harbron Home Improvements and 4.66% for Harbron Recruit, both conversion rates needed improvement in order to justify the spend.
  • Reduce the Cost Per Conversion
    The cost per conversion for Harbron Home Improvements stood at 87.87 and 36.93 for Harbron Recruit and both needed to be be reduced to see a better return on investment.

The Process

The first task on both of the Harbron pay-per-click accounts was to start the keyword research all over again. The current keywords being targeted weren’t the right keywords to use in order to get the ads to reach the Harbron target market.

Using Google keyword planner and carrying out our own keyword analysis, we identified the seed keywords and long tail keywords we wanted to target. With this definitive list of keywords, we could restructure the ad groups to improve the overall quality of the accounts. We then ensured that each ad created was relevant to the keywords they were targeting, and also that the ads were being directed to a specific landing page created to be relevant and improve quality score.

Having completed the keyword research and restructuring of the account with fresh ads, we then set about revamping their ad extensions to ensure an increased click through rate. Each of the ads and landing pages included key calls to action with the sole aim of increasing conversion rates.

Within 3 months, we were able to increase the CTR for Harbron Home Improvements and Harbron recruit to 9.44% and 5.28% respectively. That’s a increase of 1,094% for Harbron Home Improvements and 132% for Harbron Recruit. Impressive results.

That increase in CTRs also led to an increase in conversions, with Harbron Home Improvements seeing an increase of over 162% to 121 conversions in a 30 day period, and Harbron Recruit having an increase of 80% to 73 conversions in the same timeframe.

The cost for those conversions also reduced. Harbron Home Improvements CPC came down by 43% to 49.61, and reduced by 50% to 18.12 for Harbron Recruit. The client has been delighted with the improvement and as a result, Priority Pixels have now taken over the management of all of the PPC accounts across all of their businesses.

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