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Concept Stew

Concept Stew Ltd are a London-based software company who have created a teaching aid called Statistics for the Terrified – a common-sense and plain English guide to basic statistics. Designed primarily for undergraduate students who want to understand the principles of statistics, and anyone who needs to apply statistics into their work, without having to go through the mathematics behind them.


By focusing on the software, the Concept Stew website had gone without an update in a number of years and looked old, tired, and outdated. The creation of a new brand identity was required to give the Concept Stew team the authority they needed to take the company, the software, and the website forward.

The Brief

To help take Concept Stew forward and give them the platform they deserved, we were briefed to work on the following aspects:

  • Brand Identity
    To design a new logo and brand identity for use on the website and Statistics for the Terrified software
  • Website design and development
    To redesign the Concept Stew website in keeping with the newly created brand identity
  • E-Commerce
    To develop a robust and secure e-commerce platform allowing the software to be downloaded directly from the website

The Process

Working with the Concept Stew team, we presented a number of designs for their new logo, and after a few refinements, they chose a final design on which their new branding would be based. The overall brand identity that followed was used as a foundation to create a number of visual concepts for the new website. These concepts were then tweaked and stylised, providing the basis for the website development. After the site was built, we perfected the design to improve certain elements throughout.

With Concept Stew giving us the freedom to create a modern and responsive website, we designed it specifically for ease of use. Replacing the confusing structure of the old site, we’ve simplified the navigation by reordering the pages into a simple hierarchy. This allows students, teachers and professionals to find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Completely developed and designed in WordPress, the e-commerce section of the website is built using WooCommerce. Giving Concept Stew a safe and secure e-commerce platform for users to buy through, it also handles digital downloads extremely well, allowing customers to download the software in an easy to download .zip format.

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