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National Coding Week 2021 with Priority Pixels

National Coding Week 2021 with Priority Pixels

Posted: 13th September 2021

It’s National Coding Week! National Coding Week was established to encourage adults young and old to learn the important skill of coding and is an annual celebration of all things programming here in the UK. So sit down, chill out and pour yourself a cup of java. This week’s blog post is all about the importance of coding in our fast-moving digital landscape.

With the modern world so reliant on the internet, coding has become a crucial skill in recent years. More and more businesses and organisations listing it as an essential skill in job applications. But what is it, and why is it so important?

What is coding?

On a basic level, coding is what developers and programmers use to tell computers and other machines what to do. However, that’s a very simple definition. One of our own web developers Danni even said, “there are too many facets for coding”, and there’s no one single definition that could possibly explain the world of programming.

There are also different languages of coding. Popular languages you may have already heard of might be HTML, JavaScript and Python.

Why is coding important?

As the world becomes progressively more reliant on digital infrastructure, the skill of coding is becoming a highly sought after commodity.

Think about everything you’ve ever used a computer for. Maybe you booked a service or a medical appointment online. Maybe you enjoy video games or posting quirky reels on Instagram. Behind every digital tool and asset is code, which is why programmers have such a prominent position in shaping our digital future.

National Coding Week at Priority Pixels

At Priority Pixels, we primarily using coding for website development. So to celebrate National Coding Week, we talked to our team about their journey into the world of coding and their preferred languages. We also asked for a bit of advice for any future coders out there looking to hone their skills and get into the programming industry.

Danni Webber is our expert web developer and PHP coder. She has an extensive background in website design and development and oversees all aspects of web development at Priority Pixels. Detail-obsessed with an eye for design and aesthetics, Danni’s skills have helped our agency gain a reputation in the South West as providing outstanding, future-proofed sites for our numerous clients. In her free time, she enjoys gaming and walking her cardigan corgi, Gizmo.

How did you get into coding?

I used to work in accounts and wanted a faster way to fill in my spreadsheets. I taught myself how to code using the internet. W3 Schools and Code Academy were super helpful. From there I applied to work at Priority Pixels as an apprentice. I’ve now been here three years!

What is your preferred language and why?

I like PHP because I find it logical and simple to understand.

What has been your favourite project so far?

That would probably be High Integrity Systems. That was the first properly complex website that I built and I’m really proud of it. The client was also great to work with.

What advice would you give for any future coders out there?

Join a forum for programmers such as Stack Overflow. It’s helpful when you’re learning because you can ask other developers questions. It can also help clarify coding and make it easier to understand.

Coding at Priority Pixels

Already one of the most vital, future-proof industries there is, programming is set to be one of the most important job skills of the 21st century. The skills involved with coding and programming are hugely important to a number of different industries, from web and app development to the future of autonomous, self-driving cars. This is reflected in our own development team’s contribution to Priority Pixels and the work we do here – Danni has contributed her skills and hard work to just about every project we’ve worked on over the years.

If you’re scratching your head over the development of your own website, we’re always here to help. Priority Pixels has been designing and developing bespoke websites for our clients across the South West since we were founded in 2016. Boasting a knowledgeable team of digital experts and website specialists, we have the expertise and the skills to get the job done. If you’d like to have a chat about a bespoke digital strategy for yourself, your business or your organisation, then contact us today.

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