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Miles For Smiles – Every Step For Adoption

Miles For Smiles – Every Step For Adoption

Posted: 19th September 2019

There is less than a month to go until Ben Knights “Miles for Smiles” campaign comes to an end, his mission to raise vital funds to support the charity Families For Children. Families For Children is an adoption agency and charity based in the South West. They are dedicated to finding loving and supporting homes for vulnerable children and ones which are more difficult to re-home, such as siblings.

In the UK there are over 3000 children who are waiting to be adopted and many of them have suffered distress in their early lives. Including physical, sexual or emotional abuse, or neglect. Ben Knight stepped up to the challenge of raising money in aid of Families For Children’s important work of supporting children recover from their memories of abuse and neglect.

miles for smiles campaign

Why Ben chose Families For Children

Ben has been working with children almost his whole adult life. As a father himself, he knows how important it is for a child to grow up in a loving and supporting family. Because of this Ben decided to challenge himself to climb five of the highest peaks in five different countries across Western Europe for charity. All leading up to his final challenge of climbing Mont Blanc. Families For Children were looking for a campaign to run in 2019 and jumped at the opportunity when they were approached by Ben.

The Miles for Smiles Campaign

Ben started his training in June, in which he undertook over 100 training miles of hill sprints and swimming, along with multiple high-intensity interval training sessions to get him ready for the challenge.

miles for smiles Gran Paradiso

July 8th 2019 – Slieve Donard Mountain

His first climb began in Northern Ireland where he tackled the Slieve Donard mountain, which has a height of 850m (2,789 ft). The mountain is the highest in the Northern part of the island and the 7th highest overall. It took Ben over Two hours just to reach the top!

August 13th 2019 – Scafell Pike

Ben’s second climb was again close to home, challenging the highest mountain in England Scafell Pike. Located in the Lake District National Park, the mount stands 978 metres (3,209 ft) above sea level. It only took Ben around two hours to reach the top and with his adrenaline pumping less than an hour to get back down!

August 14th 2019 – Snowdon

There wasn’t much time to rest for Ben as his next challenge was the very next day in Wales. Here, Ben would face his toughest challenge yet, facing Snowdon mountain. Towering 1,085 metres (3,560 ft) above sea level, Snowden is the highest mountain in Wales. Located in Snowdonia National Park Ben would have to make his way up the mountain whilst tackling mini waterfalls. Snowdon is usually the most visited mountain in the whole of the UK. However, on this particular day Ben was quite alone. The harsh weather presented rain, wind and poor visibility throughout the park. Taking the Pyg Track, Ben made it to the top, despite the weather and back down within five hours!

September 7th 2019 – Ben Nevis

Before heading to the border of Italy and France to tackle Mont Blanc, Ben was facing the highest mountain in Britain. The aptly named Ben Nevis. Located in the Scottish Highlands the mountain stands 1,345 metres (4,411 ft) above sea level. This time Ben was greeted with beautiful sunshine and completed the journey up and back down within 5 hours!

September 17th 2019 Gran Paradiso

The final training climb for Ben was Gran Paradiso, located in North West Italy. Compared to the first four peaks, Ben would face his highest climb so far. Standing 4,061 metres (13,323 ft) above sea level. The mountain is located in the Graian Alps and is their 7th highest mountain. The climb took Ben almost 9 hours to the summit and then get back down. Running out of food and water within the last hour of the climb, Ben was still all smiles after completing the difficult climb!

19th September 2019 – Mont Blanc

Today Ben will climb the highest mountain in Western Europe. Located on the border between Italy and France, the mountain stands 4,808 m (15,774 ft) above sea level.

Miles for Smiles Charity

How can you help?

Bens Miles For Smiles campaign is less than one month away from coming to an end and he currently half way of reaching his target of £2,490.00. You can help Ben raise the remaining £983 by donating to this amazing cause. If you would like help please follow Bens Virgin Money Giving Page where you can donate via card or PayPal.

The whole team at Priority Pixels would like to congratulate Ben on his progress so far. We are proud to have been sponsors of such an amazing cause.

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