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How Important Is Social Media Marketing?

How Important Is Social Media Marketing?

Posted: 7th September 2021

In the uncertain economic times we live in, only one thing is for certain – your business needs a presence on social media.

Social media marketing is an essential slice of your business’ marketing pizza. In fact, social media has become so powerful even the UK government is bringing in laws to regulate it. With so much competition out there, it is an undeniable fact that without social media you could be lost in the noise. Regardless of how amazing your product or service is – and yes that includes encouragement from your Mum.

In recent years, social media has become the most influential and important digital space for businesses and organisations. If you hope to connect with your audience and foster online communities then you need a presence on social media. It’s never been more important to get online.

Promote to the right audience (and get to know them)

Perhaps the most pertinent part of social media marketing is the ability to easily promote your product and/or service. Finding your target audience is a vital part of your marketing strategy. Social media gives you the opportunity to not only find that audience but actively promote yourself to them.

Social media is one of the least expensive platforms to market your business or organisation. Even without paid advertising, you will have the ability to grow your following by simply posting relevant, interesting content and using the right hashtags. Consistency is also hugely important if growing your following is a primary concern.

Tell a story with your social media

Connecting with your community on social media is a great way to interact with your target audience and tell your story. Using your platforms of choice, you can provoke, promote and inspire your followers with the story of your businesses or organisation including your failures and successes, and how your product and/or service has grown from an idea to a thriving business.

Learn about your competitors and find your niche

Everyone knows the saying – keep your friends close but your enemies closer. In no way are we suggesting you copy other businesses and organisations. However, in saying that it always pays to check up on your competition. What sort of content are they posting? Is it working to grow an audience?

By looking at your competitor’s posts you can research into niches in the market. Finding a niche can help your business find its feet in terms of tone of voice, message and other aspects of branding. This includes the visual aesthetics of your branding that will ultimately draw your audience to your product and/or service. Think about it – if you were selling lipstick and several of your competitors were already using pink in their branding then you wouldn’t go and use the same colour, would you? No, you’d use a different colour and overall tone to convey an entirely different message that helps your business stand out.

Increase your return-on-investment (ROI)

Effective social media marketing can improve your return-on-investment (ROI). Paid advertising on social media is generally cheaper than other methods of marketing. You can also reach hundreds, if not thousands of people, by simply purchasing targeted advertisements. Your audience can also be reached organically without any costs involved at all. Done correctly, social media can both boost and increase your revenue.

Build brand awareness on social media

Branding is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. While the visual aesthetics of your brand are vital, your tone of voice, overall message and other non-visual aspects of your marketing strategy are also hugely important. When implemented correctly and consistently, your business or organisation can build brand awareness.
Brand awareness is a term used to describe how ‘aware’ your customers and target audience are of your product and/or service. If you have brand awareness, then your business or organisation will be instantly recognisable from your branding and marketing. Think big companies like Apple, Nike or McDonalds – without their trademark logo and brand aesthetics, would you recognise their advertisements or brick and mortar sites when you’re walking down the street? Most of all, brand awareness is important in building loyalty and trust with your target audience.

Social media marketing with Priority Pixels

In conclusion, if you hope to succeed then social media marketing should be a vital part of your business strategy. Social platforms allow businesses and organisations to reach their target audience, discover their niche and promote their product and/or service with ease. Fostering community and brand awareness has never been so simple – or so accessible.

If the words ‘social media marketing’ have you running to the hills in fear, then why not turn to the professionals? Priority Pixels is Devon’s best-kept secret. We boast a team of web experts and digital aficionados with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We’ve been designing bespoke digital marketing strategies for businesses across the South West since 2016. We specialise in everything digital, from social media to web design.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then we’ve got you covered. Contact us today and let’s talk social.

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