Why Do I Need a Copywriter?

A copywriter is commonly a second thought for many businesses, until it actually comes to finding the right words to sell your business. The immediate, visual appearance of a website is usually the first thought when it comes to any web design. However, the words on your website are more than just for reading. The copy on your website is crucial for ranking high in search engine result pages (SERPs). Search engine algorithms look at your copy differently to humans. They look at keyword density, page titles, meta descriptions, internal and external links, word counts and many other factors to determine how good a piece of copy is.

Here at Priority Pixels we have a team of copywriters with experience writing for a vast range of businesses and industries ensuring the text remains SEO ready.

Web Copy, Blogs & Article Writing

Creating engaging content and copy whilst using the right words and tone of voice is what our copywriters do best. Working with a vast amount of businesses from a wide range of industry types, our copywriters have successfully created informative and attention grabbing copy for various uses. Our copywriting services covers website pages, blog posts, industry focused articles, and case studies. Working closely with your team we can also assist with writing copy for product listings, delivery and returns guides, and company policy.

Engage and Inspire Your Customers

In a competitive market place, engaging with your audience is key to your success in London. Our copywriters go beyond just putting paragraphs and words together. With in-depth research they will discover what your audience engages with and what words are used to inspire them. Our copywriting service is designed to help your current customers and any prospective ones to take action. All driven by your goals and expectations, our copywriters will help to sell your story.

SEO Copywriting Services London

The copy on your website, from the text on your about page right through to your blog posts, are there not only to inform your audience but also to reach them. Even with a responsive website, an e-commerce page displaying all of your products, beautiful photography and engaging video, without the right SEO content in place your website won’t be found. This is because search engines such as Google and Bing look at your content differently to the way your viewers will.

Copywriting in London is geared towards delivering premium SEO results. This involves in-depth research of your business and industry to discover high ranking keywords and phrases to incorporate into the copy we do for you. All resulting in your audience finding your business in search engines such as Google and Bing.

However, using keywords isn’t as simple as overloading your content with relevant phrases and words, this is known as ‘keyword stuffing’. Keyword stuffing is the practice of attempting to manipulate the search engines algorithms in order to climb higher in the search engines rankings. This practice can actually harm your websites ranking, keywords need to be strategically placed within the text to avoid penalties from search engines.

At Priority Pixels we will use the right words to grab the attention of your viewer, from engaging content to inspire them right through to using the right keywords and phrases to help you reach a wider audience. Connecting you with your unique target market our copy turns interest into click-throughs and viewers into paying customers.

SEO Copywriting Services

The Process

Call us today to talk to a member of the team about our professional and affordable copywriting services in London.

The right words can make a world of difference to your site and how customers perceive you. We know from experience that it’s well worth your time and investment.



Our copywriting process begins with a detailed research on your company, your industry, your competitors and your existing content. This research helps us understand your business to implement the right strategy to help you get ahead of your competitors in London.

The content our copywriters look at includes any site, social media or design work you may have. Whatever your industry, our copywriters are experts at finding the right information to help sell your business.



Any copy we write for you will always go through a structured planning phase. We Begin by compiling a comprehensive list of keywords and phrases which will help you be discovered in SERPs. The next stage is generating content ideas that will help boost your SEO ranking. This can be anything from updating your service pages to blog post ideas.

We will then provide you with a detailed content strategy where you can suggest your own ideas. Along with providing us with any feedback you might feel is relevant. Once the content ideas have been agreed we will compile a sitemap with a breakdown of the content and copy required for each page.



Although our copywriters are confident in researching subject matters on any subject, sometimes it’s best to speak with you in more depth about the subject before starting any research. This is particularly important if the topic is complex or very specific. This helps us avoid any unnecessary errors or omissions which would impact on the success of your project. Avoiding these errors from the start increases the turn around time to complete the copy for you.

Feedback and Reviews

Feedback and Reviews

We always provide a period of time for you to review an initial draft. This gives you the opportunity to provide feedback of the work early on. Here you can flag any problems or amends you would like us to make going forward.

This isn't your only review however, its just to ensure the fundamentals are in place which helps with a quick turnaround. You are entitled to as many reviews as you would like. Our overall objective is to produce a piece of content that you are completely happy with which represents your brand and ethos to its full extent.

Final Sign Off

Final Sign Off

The final sign off is where you will confirm you are completely happy with the work produced. However, our work with you doesn't necessarily end here. Many of our clients require us to load the text into their content management system (CMS) to ensure all SEO requirements are met, this includes all meta descriptions are in place, all headers are correctly formatted and any images are correctly labeled with alt tags. This also gives us the opportunity to ensure the content looks as good as it reads.

Once the final sign off has been agreed we will transfer the copyright over to you, so you can rest assured your content won't be used elsewhere without your permission.

Evaluation & Evolution

Evaluation & Evolution

The internet is constantly changing and evolving, as well are users behaviours and trends. As a result certain content can become stale and outdated overtime. This is why we look to examine customer reactions to your copy and freshen up your content if necessary.

Not only does this keep your content up to date and relevant but also helps your SEO efforts. Search engines such as Google and Bing want to show content to its visitors that are up to date and provide value to them. Our Copywriting Services in London aims to help you get to the top of search engine result pages (SERPs)

It’s only writing. Can’t anyone do it?

Writing clever, snappy copy to grab someone’s attention and get them to do something specific is only half the work. And even this is hard to get right. Writing for the web requires more than just putting words together. Researching keywords, phrases, and ways to make content unique is one of the first hurdles you must overcome. Next comes finding relevant landing pages on your website which can be used for internal linking.

As part of a recent update by Google, web pages that show authority will have a high chance of climbing to the top of SERPs. This means externally linking to pages of authority is considerably important. There are many other factors that need to be taken into account from an SEO point of view such as headers, paragraph length and sentence length. All of this combined is what makes writing for the web difficult. Without the right SEO knowledge and a natural flair for writing, the answer would be no. Not everyone can do it.

We have a team of professional copywriters who will fully immerse themselves in your business, its goals and objectives to achieve the best results. We will match the right person to your project, ensuring you get authentic and fluid copy that does the job.

It's only writing. Can't anyone do it?

The Content

E-Commerce Content

E-Commerce Content

Converting a visitor to your website, into a customer is achieved through multiple defining factors. The price, availability, reviews and delivery information all play a part in making a sale. But it's the product description which carries the most weight when making a sale. Our copywriters will look at the best way to describe your product. Who your product is for, its key selling points, all its features and any pain points that can be included. This allows us to determine what type of tone to use and how much information is required. All focused on enhancing your profits.

Website content

Website content

Your website is ultimately the face of your business, your sales representative, your e-commerce store and your information desk. All open 24/7. For this reason the content on your website needs to communicate the right message whilst maintaining your companies tone of voice and ethos. Our copywriters can produce targeted and engaging content with the best SEO practices in place. We can rewrite the content on your whole website or create brand new content for your website.



Your blog is the perfect opportunity to talk to your audience and establish yourself as an authority. This is great for continually updating your website with fresh content. Which is essential from an SEO perspective. Our team of copywriters and SEO experts work collaboratively to create content which meets the expectations of both; an audience and search engines. Our copywriters are experienced in researching specific industry subjects and turning that new found knowledge into engaging and informative blog posts. Our team will look at emerging trends and happenings in your industry to ensure your business is always ahead of your competitors.

Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads

Building an email list is a great way to create new leads and convert them into buyers. However, convincing people to sign up for your newsletter can be tricky without providing them something in return. Offering free downloads is a great way to ask people to sign up to your mail listing with a valuable piece of content in return. Working closely with our in-house graphic design team we can create beautifully designed downloadable content. Such as e-books and guides, both engaging in presentation and information.

Social Media

Social Media

Over 3 billion people use social media everyday. It should be a part of any business's marketing strategy. There are many elements that go into being successful on social media. The words you use is one of them. Many businesses fall into the trap of sharing the same message across multiple social media platforms. It can be both difficult and time consuming to create unique content multiple times on the same subject. Our team can find the right words to have you talking and engaging with your audience in a natural way.

Article Writing

Article Writing

Blog posts are great for improving your visibility in search engines and sharing your thoughts and ideas with your audience. However, in some cases your company might want to share industry news with a more formal approach. Focusing on facts rather than personal opinions. This is where article writing differs from blogging. Our copywriters can use similar tactics used when writing blog posts. The key difference being the writing style and tone of voice. Let us help you become an authority in your industry with factual and engaging articles.

Case Studies

Copywriting Case Studies

Copy for leading global provider of marine support services.

Successful and diverse, V.Group includes over 20 marine focussed brands but it’s website had become complicated and difficult to navigate. 

The company needed a new website to showcase the increasing number of marine support services on offer in an easy to access and informative way

We researched, planned, built and populated a new site featuring over 50 pages making the essential copy more focussed and dynamic.

Though more direct in style, we were mindful that any content copy needed to be business orientated, connecting with V.Group’s target customer audiences of ship owners and managers.

Read Case Study View Website

Keyword rich copy for boiler repair and servicing website

With over 70 5* reviews on their Google My Business listing. J.Clifton Boiler Repairs & Servicing already had a solid reputation in Plymouth thanks to their customer centric ethos.

By consistently providing a high level of workmanship and customer care, they have been able to establish themselves as one of Plymouths’ premier plumbing companies.

Along with a new website build for J.Clifton Boiler Repairs and Servicing, Priority Pixels have also been assisting with their SEO and PPC strategies. A big part of a successful SEO campaign is intelligent and keyword focussed copy. Detailed research and keyword planning was used to form the basis of the site’s wording, ensuring that more attention was given to boiler repairs and servicing over normal plumbing repairs.

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Project case studies for Islington based property refurbishment company.

With an established client base and a growing portfolio, Deans Property needed a new website that could effectively showcase their completed projects. We worked with Deans Property owner Carsten Dean, to gather information on his industry, key competitors and the work involved in each refurbishment project.

We took special care not to overload each case study with technical details, instead giving visitors an informative but succinct overview. 

We also included specific SEO keywords from our detailed marketing plan within each case study to help drive authentic, high value traffic to the new site.

View Website

Informative website copy for Devon based estate agency.

Bringing their existing website up to date was a priority for the Homefinders Estate Agents team in East Devon. 

As the online estate agency market became more competitive, Homefinders found they needed a fresh site to give their target market an easy and enjoyable user experience.

It also needed to allow the team the ability to automatically update property listings, as well as providing back-end access to manage their own content.

Alongside an in-depth and complex build process we provided engaging copy to deliver key information on properties and company services and policies. We also populated the About Us pages and a selection of ‘Area Guides’ detailing the features of surrounding localities.

Read Case Study View Website

Copy for leading global provider of marine support services. Keyword rich copy for boiler repair and servicing website Project case studies for Islington based property refurbishment company. Informative website copy for Devon based estate agency.

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