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How to make your content stand out during the Coronavirus pandemic

How to make your content stand out during the Coronavirus pandemic

Posted: 7th May 2020

Businesses all around the world are having to adapt the way they operate due to the coronavirus outbreak. This includes the online content they are creating. The content they had planned to publish may now be irrelevant or insensitive to the problems people are currently facing. So how do you make your content stand out during the Coronavirus pandemic?

There is an onslaught of articles being published on how different aspects of businesses are being affected. This may seem overwhelming when trying to create content for your own business. Knowing what to publish that will help you stand out, whilst still being informative can be tricky at the best of times. The content you create needs to be relevant to the problems your audience is facing, whilst continuing to improve your overall SEO ranking.

We have compiled a list of advice on how to make your content stand out during the Coronavirus pandemic, and how you can keep growing your business.

  • Do not create content for to sake of creating something. Make sure that all content you produce has a use. Whether that be updating your customers with changes to your products or services, or to offer advice in these strange times. Your content needs a purpose.
  • Do not try to capitalise on peoples suffering. This links with the previous point. Do not try to use this time to force your customers into buying something they don’t currently need. Peoples money is having to be spent elsewhere now, try to be understanding of what your customers are going through.
  • Focus on what your customers need right now. The needs of your customers will have changed, so you should be willing to adapt what you offer them. Keep an eye on your analytics. Are there certain products or services that have seen an increase or decrease in engagement levels? Get feedback on what your customers are looking for.
  • Figure out what unique selling points you have. Many businesses are having to alter the products and services they offer. Use this time to see if you can provide some relatively unique content based on your products.
  • Review any scheduled content. The content that you have scheduled, may no longer be relevant or sensitive to people’s situation.
  • Be prepared to have to change your scheduled content. Guidelines and recommendations from governments and health officials are changing all the time. What is relevant one week, may not be the next. You need to be ready to change your content to reflect these changes.
  • Use the research being done. There are loads of research findings and data being released. Use this to back up and support your content. If you link it to a reputable source, not only will your customers feel more confident in your information, it will also help your long term SEO goals.
  • Be pro-active. The world is going to be forever changed by this world health crisis. When planning for the future, be thoughtful about the problems that people may still be facing. Be sensitive about when you release new content.
  • Keep playing the long game. If you stop your SEO efforts, then you will have to work twice as hard when things return to normal. Continue to create and publish content that will help you rank in search engine results pages.

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