Build Show 2016 Review

Build Show 2016 Review

Posted: 26th October 2016

Priority Pixels visited The Build Show 2016 as part of UK Construction Week at the NEC in Birmingham and it was a delight to see so many businesses from the construction industry there. UK Construction Week 2016 not only had exhibitors as part of The Build Show but also had businesses exhibiting as part of the Civils Expo, Energy 2016, HVAC 2016, Plant & Machinery Live, Smart Buildings 2016, Surface & Materials Show and the Timber Expo.

Elevation Property Ltd provide independent design, build and project management in South West London.

Elevation Property Ltd provide independent design, build and project management in South West London.

With over 10,000 products and services on offer from more than 650 exhibitors UK Construction Week offered over 165 hours of debate and thought-leadership and over 100 innovative product launches.

Having assisted many businesses within the construction industry with their digital marketing strategies, we have a real interest in how the construction industry will embrace digital marketing in the future.

All this got us thinking. How can Priority Pixels help businesses within the construction industry grow and develop within the ever changing digital world we live in?


Well firstly you must get your website right. You may already have a website or you may require one. Either way the first part of your digital strategy should be to have your website built. Here at Priority Pixels we have built a large number of websites for businesses within the construction industry. With this in mind there has always been one common theme and that is the creation of a strong brand and good content. Whether it be high resolution photography or or informative video your customers will want to instantly see the products and services on offer.

Forest of Dean Stone Firms


Secondly once your website is built and online you need to promote it. Promoting your website will never stop. Your promotion strategy, in an ideal world, should be a mix of both paid search (PPC) and organic search (SEO) and should continue for as long as your site is live. You will originally want your new website to be indexed properly by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo so that it appears higher in their ranking. Once you are satisfied with your positioning don’t stop! You must continue your paid and organic search in order to both maintain your search engine ranking and fight off your competitors.

Priority Pixels has also helped those businesses within the construction industry by way of microsites. Microsites are a single web page or small cluster of web pages that can be used to promote a new product or service. We have successfully created several of these within the construction industry and they have provided a great platform for those businesses to ensure maximum exposure for the product or service they are trying to promote.


Subframes are the largest supplier of welded and mechanically joined cavity closers in the UK -

Subframes are the largest supplier of welded and mechanically joined cavity closers in the UK –

Thirdly you must maintain your website on a regular basis. Whether it be updated software to enhance your websites capabilities or updating content or blogs, not only will this keep your website fresh for all its viewers but will also add further SEO value thus pushing you further up the search engine rankings.

Priority Pixels has helped a large number of business within the construction industry do just this and with amazing results.

Remember the very basics of your digital marketing strategy should, at the very least, include all of the above. You must build, promote and maintain your website so that you can keep existing customers, gain new customers and ensure a digital presence that is better than your competitors.

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