Best SEO practices to boost your site traffic

Best SEO practices to boost your site traffic

Posted: 25th February 2013

SEO is vital for web presence as it is related to search engine page ranking and traffic. There are many aspects that influence your website’s ranking and traffic such as website content and SEO techniques. Famous search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google robots and crawlers crawl through web for enhanced search. If you want to get the best page rank in the search engine, learning the whole process is very important. SEO practices will help you to divert more traffic to site which ultimately increases your revenue and profit. Following are a few excellent SEO practices to enhance your website or blogs traffic by twofold.

  • XML site map: Your website’s page index is one of the most important parameter considered by the search engines. If you are using XML site map, it will become easy for your site to get indexed by them. It is the most vital plug-in tool which will help you to boost site’s traffic.
  • Deep linking: Deep linking is all about offering reference links to old post when they read new posts. You can make use of WordPress to get the maximum benefit. It helps crawlers to notify your link page. It is helpful for readers to make use of old posts.
  • Guest post and comments: Guest posting is the other best SEO practice to get quality links. It is all about posting your articles on other websites and blogs. If you are posting good articles, you can build good relationship with them. Commenting is the other best practice to get good links to your blog or site. Read other blogs and post a comment along with your site link which will help you get good quality links.
  • Social media network: Social media wonders like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube will work as communication data centres because of their huge customer base. You can stay connected with millions of customers by commenting regularly on each update, following recent tweets and posting latest content. You will get inbound links, if you are commenting on other pages, it will eventually increases your web traffic. Social media is an excellent SEO practice to improve organic traffic. According to a new report, sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Twitter serve as a principal communication mediums.
  • Title page: You need to use simple, clear title and essentially it should make sense related to your website’s content. Make sure that you link at least one keyword with your title and content.
  • First paragraph: First paragraph of your site play a crucial role in increasing site traffic. Search engine’s robots will look for fresh content and keywords which are available on the first paragraph. If you want to get indexed by the search engines, combine valid links with right anchor text and right keywords. Make sure keyword density is vital to get more traffic. 

Author bio: Hello readers, I am Lucy from Liverpool. I am a tech writer and I am into health and finance. I have written articles on PPI claims. Catch me on @financeport.

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