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9 Smart Tips to Make More Money With Google Ads

9 Smart Tips to Make More Money With Google Ads

Posted: 20th December 2020

With the e-commerce sector continuing to grow at a considerable rate, the competition for customers is fierce. Therefore, to beat their competitors and increase profits, most companies use Google Ads.

A profitable Google Ads campaign consists of more than just creating an account, adding a few keywords, and creating a couple of ad campaigns. It takes a lot of insight, strategy, and constant monitoring.

If you are already working on Google Ads but would like to increase the effectiveness of your campaign, then you will want to read our nine smart tips to make more money with Google Ads.

Tip #1: Use Specialised Tools

If you want to start earning more profits from Google Ads but do not really have time to sit down and do it yourself, there is a way you can perform a one-click Google ads optimisation with a specialised tool.

If you choose a tool that can perform a Google Ads audit in a couple of minutes and help you optimise your ad campaign, you will be able to see the exact score of each ad campaign and the suggestions to improve it.

Tip #2: Start With Your Website’s Landing Pages

Before you start improving your Google Ads campaigns, you need to focus on optimising your website and  the landing pages which link to your ads.

To start with, ensure that your website and the landing pages are easy to navigate and the content is of  high-quality. Also, to avoid cart abandonment, make sure your checkout process does not include any unnecessary steps.

Tip #3: Ensure That Your Website Is Responsive

Having a fully responsive website which provides a great user experience on any device will encourage customers to use your website and avoid any abandonment issues due to poor performance on certain devices.

Keep in mind that even though many people still make their purchases on a desktop computer, a high proportion are using their mobile phone whilst out and about or on a tablet before bedtime.

Tip #4: Provide All Necessary Information

A lack of customer service may become one of the main reasons why your sales are not growing. An unanswered question online may result in a visitor heading to a competitor website, and you will lose a customer.

To avoid that from happening, ensure you have all of the necessary information placed in a visible spot on your website and look into creating a live chatbot on your website so that website visitors can ask questions.

Tip #5: Make Ad Copy and the Landing Page Relevant

All copy used for Google Ads should be reflected on your website’s landing page in order to maintain consistency across your brand.

Should your audience find your Google Ad irrelevant, it may result in a lower Quality Score, which will negatively affect your ranking on Google Search.

Tip #6: Use Negative Keywords

Using negative keywords will help to avoid irrelevant clicks on your ads, which will save you money. If you are paying for clicks without seeing conversions, this is often because the keywords you use are too broad, you will be losing money instead of earning them.

To solve the keywords being too broad, take the keywords that are irrelevant to your business but often used to search for other businesses’ products or services, and list them as negative keywords.

Tip #7: Use Ad Extensions

Writing engaging copy and choosing the best keywords for your niche is important, but if you really want to boost your sales with Google Ads, you need to start using Ad Extensions.

Here are a few examples of Ad Extensions that are the most popular for you to start with: Call Extensions, Callout Extensions, Sitelinks Extensions and Location Extensions.

Tip #8: Adjust Geotargeting

Adjusting the geotargeting bidding options will help you save and earn money. First of all, depending on your business, you can concentrate on specific locations where your product or service has the highest demand. For instance, if you are a builder in Plymouth, you would look to geotargeting the area of Plymouth and even Devon to ensure that you are reaching your audience.

It is also possible to track each geolocation’s performance and choose to bid more depending on which location is performing best.

Tip #9: Use Different Keyword Match Types

There are two keyword match types on Google Ads: Broad Match type and Exact Match type. Every business finds its own strategy, but the most effective strategy for Google Ads match types is to use them both.

Broad Match type will give you a lot of reach but a small percentage of conversions when the Exact Match type will do the opposite and will reach fewer people but will have a bigger chance of a conversion.

Whilst it is advised that you consult an agency with regards to Google and Pay Per Click advertising, it is possible to create your own campaigns. Once you have become fully acquainted with Google Ads, you will find that you can create engaging calls to action, which help your business to grow.

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