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50 Best Restaurant Websites of 2020

50 Best Restaurant Websites of 2020

Posted: 3rd September 2020

Looking for a place to eat can be a difficult task. With a range of cuisines available from Chinese or Indian, BBQ, or Italian, you can go out to a restaurant and find pretty much any food you want. With the success of the recent Eat Out to Help Out scheme devised by the Government to get people back into restaurants and cafes, some establishments are continuing with a similar deal throughout September.

When choosing somewhere to eat, customers usually visit the website before booking a table to see what food you serve. Along with different foods, different cultures have different styles. If your restaurant specialises in a certain cuisine, then the website needs to reflect that culture. If you sell Japanese food then your website should have a clean, minimalist design, whereas if you sell Caribbean cuisine, your website should be bright, bold and colourful.

By reflecting the culture your food originates from in your website design, you customers will have more confidence in your cooking and that you have a passion for the food you serve. High-quality images are also key. People first experience food through sight rather than taste. Having images of your dishes on your website can help people decide what to eat. You could have food that tastes amazing, but if it is presently poorly, you customers may be put off ordering it. Images of well presented food will give customers faith that you take pride in your restaurant and the meals it serves.

We have collected a list of 50 restaurants that have slick, creative and innovative designs that will make you want to give them a visit when you next eat out.


1. Wahlburgers

Visit Website
Turtle Bay

2. Turtle Bay

Visit Website
Jacks Bar London

4. Jacks Bar London

Visit Website
Teign Cellars

5. Teign Cellars

Visit Website
Orange Tree Restaurant

6. Orange Tree Restaurant

Visit Website

7. Wagamama

Visit Website
Bills Restraunt

8. Bills Restraunt

Visit Website

9. Beefeater

Visit Website
The Pizza Cafe

10. The Pizza Cafe

Visit Website
Smokey Joes Torquay

11. Smokey Joes Torquay

Visit Website
Twelve Twenty

12. Twelve Twenty

Visit Website
On The Waterfront

13. On The Waterfront

Visit Website
Absurd Bird

15. Absurd Bird

Visit Website
Pizza Hut

16. Pizza Hut

Visit Website
Rock Garden

17. Rock Garden

Visit Website

18. Harvester

Visit Website
Toby Carvery

19. Toby Carvery

Visit Website
Hungry Horse

20. Hungry Horse

Visit Website
The Smugglers Inn

21. The Smugglers Inn

Visit Website

22. Offshore

Visit Website
Pizza Express

23. Pizza Express

Visit Website
TJ's Restaurant

24. TJ's Restaurant

Visit Website

25. Giraffe

Visit Website
Salt Water

26. Salt Water

Visit Website

27. Chiquito

Visit Website
Gourmet Burger Kitchen

28. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Visit Website
Fat Cow

29. Fat Cow

Visit Website

30. Revolutions

Visit Website
Pho Cafe

31. Pho Cafe

Visit Website
On The Rocks

32. On The Rocks

Visit Website
Taylors Restaurant

33. Taylors Restaurant

Visit Website
Yum Sing

35. Yum Sing

Visit Website
Greene King

38. Greene King

Visit Website
Cote At Home

39. Cote At Home

Visit Website
The Rainforest Cafe

41. The Rainforest Cafe

Visit Website
Cary arms

42. Cary arms

Visit Website

43. Hanburys

Visit Website
The Wighton Pub

44. The Wighton Pub

Visit Website
The Cowshed

45. The Cowshed

Visit Website
Yo Sushi

46. Yo Sushi

Visit Website
Ed's Easy Diner

47. Ed's Easy Diner

Visit Website
The Thatched Tavern

48. The Thatched Tavern

Visit Website
Harrys Restaurants

50. Harrys Restaurants

Visit Website

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