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50 Best Luxury Websites of 2021

50 Best Luxury Websites of 2021

Posted: 10th February 2021

While branding is important for any business, for the luxury industry it is absolutely paramount. When consumers invest in a luxury brand, they’re investing in a lifestyle. For brands like Gucci and Chanel, a website design, as well as subsequent marketing campaigns, must reflect a luxurious, high-end lifestyle that will attract the correct target audience who are looking to live well.

The luxury industry spends millions every year on marketing – and we’re spending billions on them. In 2019, luxury brand group LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) recorded their total revenue at €53.7 billion. LVMH’s website is minimalist yet impactful, and portrays that high-end lifestyle they’re selling through a simple web design, beautiful imagery (some of it moving), and clean, concise copy.

The consumers who buy into these brands expect to feel a part of an exclusive club. For this reason, a flawlessly designed website is an absolute must-have for the luxury industry. The quality of the products and social status attached to the brand must be on show so of course, imagery portraying the aesthetics and life consumers are seeking is absolutely essential.

As a digital marketing agency, Priority Pixels love to stay on top of the latest trends within the luxury industry, including the digital strategies and website designs the biggest brands are adhering to.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the biggest luxury brands in the world, handpicked by the Priority team for their sleek and stylish websites.

Kate Spade

50. Kate Spade

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Michael Kors

49. Michael Kors

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48. Swarovski

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47. Goyard

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Calvin Klein

46. Calvin Klein

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Hugo Boss

45. Hugo Boss

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Steve Madden

44. Steve Madden

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Jimmy Choo

43. Jimmy Choo

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Ralph Lauren

42. Ralph Lauren

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41. Givenchy

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40. Hera

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Tom Ford

39. Tom Ford

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38. Clarins

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37. Omega

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36. Jaeger-LeCoultre

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Miu Miu

35. Miu Miu

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Bobbi Brown

34. Bobbi Brown

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Dolce & Gabbana

33. Dolce & Gabbana

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32. Versace

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Salvatore Ferragamo

31. Salvatore Ferragamo

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Mont Blanc

30. Mont Blanc

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TAG Heuer

29. TAG Heuer

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28. Bulgari

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27. Coach

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26. Valentino

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25. Moncler

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Aston Martin

24. Aston Martin

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23. Mercedes-Benz

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22. Maserati

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Rolls Royce

21. Rolls Royce

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Bentley Motors

20. Bentley Motors

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19. Lamborghini

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18. Ferrari

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17. Porsche

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16. Bugatti

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15. Lancome

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14. Fendi

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13. Prade

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12. Cartier

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11. Hermès

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10. Burberry

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9. Tiffany

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Yves Saint Laurent

8. Yves Saint Laurent

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7. Armani

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6. Balenciaga

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4. Rolex

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3. Chanel

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Louis Vuitton

2. Louis Vuitton

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1. Gucci

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What should be included on a luxury website?

A luxury website needs to emulate the lifestyle being sold. This includes high quality, on-trend photography, and while concise copywriting explaining briefly who the brand is and what their products can do is important, the web design itself and imagery should tell a story. Less is more with luxury brands.

Take luxury powerhouse Chanel for example. An iconic brand since the first Chanel boutique opened in 1912, users are taken on a journey from the first click. While the website may appear minimalist and simple to navigate, the brand has utilised imagery and video, the classic font style now symbolic of the brand, and a dynamic, moving web design that flows and evolves as you scroll through the website. Users need only see the bold webpage designed for this iconic Chanel handbag to understand the luxurious, high-end lifestyle Chanel is selling. You’ll find no mention of a sale either.

Who makes the best luxury websites?

Priority Pixels may be small but we are fierce. We’ve been designing websites and bespoke digital marketing strategies since 2016, but our team of web experts have decades more experience in copywriting, design, SEO and web development.

How do I create a luxury website?

While you could attempt to design a website yourself using online drag and drop software, building a website for a luxury brand is a lot more complicated than it looks. While high-end brands often present their websites as minimalist, there is much more development that goes on behind the scenes. Hiring a professional web designer, or going through an established digital marketing agency, ensures your luxury website is optimised for SEO and mobile, targeting the right audiences, and of course portrays that high-end, luxury lifestyle you’re looking to sell.

How much does a luxury website cost?

A fully functioning website for a luxury brand built by a professional digital marketing agency such as Priority Pixels can cost up to £100,000 depending on a client’s unique specifications. As previously mentioned, luxury brands really do spend millions on marketing every year and that course includes a bespoke website designed to emulate their brand.

If you’re in need of a website for a luxury product or brand, it’s best to contact the team at Priority Pixels for an accurate quote.

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