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50 Best Food Websites of 2020

50 Best Food Websites of 2020

Posted: 15th July 2020

Branding is important for many businesses, but none more so than that food industry where competition is fierce, and customers are easily swayed by price. Branding is key to keeping customers loyal. As a result of this, the food industry over the years has created some iconic branding, from package design right through to the website.

Bright colours and funky fonts are commonplace, with many brands looking to entice younger customers. Reds and yellows are often used for bright colour schemes. This is reported to be due to there being a large number of red foods in natures, helping to entice hunger in consumers. Along with this, warmer colours such as red and yellow tend to compliment each other well.

As a result of this research, you don’t see many food brands with blue in their designs, as there are not that many naturally occurring blue foods. Greens tend to represent healthier alternatives and are synonymous with fruit and vegetable products.

The design of food websites need to reflect the target audience you are trying to reach with your products. Having consistent branding across all aspects of your marketing will help customers recognise your products. The design of your logo can influence what audience you attract as well. Circular designs are seen to be softer and more welcoming, usually used by family friendly, comfort food brands. Rigid and straight lines are seen to be more formal and are often used by higher end, luxury brands

A website, while needed to be visually appealing, also needs to be practical and easy to navigate. If your customer cannot easily find the information about your products they need they will be put off buying from you in the future. Having the ingredients list readily available and any allergens present is key to keeping your audience healthy. Having a blog with different recipes to try that include the products you sell can help customers find new meals to try.

Take a look through our list of 50 best food websites for inspiration.

Walkers Crisps

3. Walkers Crisps

Visit Website

4. Ambrosia

Visit Website
Magnum Ice Cream

6. Magnum Ice Cream

Visit Website

7. Kelloggs

Visit Website
Birds Eye

8. Birds Eye

Visit Website

9. Pringles

Visit Website

10. Thorntons

Visit Website
Cathedral City

11. Cathedral City

Visit Website

12. Warburtons

Visit Website

13. Rowntree's

Visit Website
Mr Kipling

14. Mr Kipling

Visit Website

17. Weetabix

Visit Website
Wall's UK

18. Wall's UK

Visit Website
Um Bongo

20. Um Bongo

Visit Website
Hula Hoops

21. Hula Hoops

Visit Website

22. Häagen-Dazs

Visit Website
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

23. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Visit Website
HP Sauce

24. HP Sauce

Visit Website
Kingsmill Bakery

25. Kingsmill Bakery

Visit Website

26. Nestlé

Visit Website
Branston Pickle

30. Branston Pickle

Visit Website
Tic Tac

31. Tic Tac

Visit Website
RITZ Crackers

32. RITZ Crackers

Visit Website

33. Colmans

Visit Website

34. Dairylea

Visit Website
Anchor Butter

35. Anchor Butter

Visit Website
Uncle Ben's

36. Uncle Ben's

Visit Website
Pot Noodle

37. Pot Noodle

Visit Website

38. Butterkist

Visit Website

39. Babybell

Visit Website
John West

40. John West

Visit Website
Burtons Biscuits

41. Burtons Biscuits

Visit Website

43. Nutella

Visit Website
Krispy Kreme

44. Krispy Kreme

Visit Website
Bernard Matthews

45. Bernard Matthews

Visit Website
Pukka Pies

46. Pukka Pies

Visit Website

47. Müller

Visit Website

48. McVitie's

Visit Website
Golden Wonder

50. Golden Wonder

Visit Website

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