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50 Best Architecture Websites of 2020

Posted: 6th July 2020

Architecture websites not only provide great design inspiration but the websites themselves are often impressive. Architects need to attract new clients, so they need a website built to high standards. We have selected some of our favourite architecture websites ranging from simplistic designs right through to some using complex code to amazing effect.

Sina Architectural Design

50. Sina Architectural Design

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Lamoureux Architect

49. Lamoureux Architect

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48. Glass

Visit Website


47. Harcome

Visit Website

CHT Architects

46. CHT Architects

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Centric Architecture

45. Centric Architecture

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Cedrus Architects

44. Cedrus Architects

Visit Website

GNB Architects

43. GNB Architects

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Interior Architects

42. Interior Architects

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William Green Architects

41. William Green Architects

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40. Styro

Visit Website

Norm CPH

39. Norm CPH

Visit Website

ECC Architectural

38. ECC Architectural

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Mareines Arquitetura

37. Mareines Arquitetura

Visit Website

Williams Lester

36. Williams Lester

Visit Website

JSLA Architects

35. JSLA Architects

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Zik Zak

34. Zik Zak

Visit Website

Martinkovic Milford

33. Martinkovic Milford

Visit Website

Matter Architects

31. Matter Architects

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Humbert Poyet

30. Humbert Poyet

Visit Website

Amanda Martocchio

29. Amanda Martocchio

Visit Website

Handel Architects

28. Handel Architects

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Neal Ymar Architectes

27. Neal Ymar Architectes

Visit Website

Rob Mills

26. Rob Mills

Visit Website


25. Mahno

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Tennent Brown.co.nz

24. Tennent Brown.co.nz

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HT Architecte

23. HT Architecte

Visit Website

Hennin Glarsen

22. Hennin Glarsen

Visit Website

Ortiz Leon

21. Ortiz Leon

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Loer Architecten

20. Loer Architecten

Visit Website


19. Muraflex

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ABCD Architecture

18. ABCD Architecture

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17. Measured

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MLA Architecture

16. MLA Architecture

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15. Rieder

Visit Website

James Merrell Architects

14. James Merrell Architects

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IND Architects

13. IND Architects

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12. LEQB

Visit Website


11. Homecult

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10. Falk

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9. Citicon

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Jamie Fobert Architects

8. Jamie Fobert Architects

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Coffey Architects

7. Coffey Architects

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WSA Studio

6. WSA Studio

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Arcadia Custom

5. Arcadia Custom

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Visit Website

Redbay Design

3. Redbay Design

Visit Website

Connect Homes

2. Connect Homes

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1. Reformosa

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