5 Ways Web Agencies can use Social Media

5 Ways Web Agencies can use Social Media

Posted: 25th April 2013

Social Media has really come into its’ own in the past few years, with many companies expanding their social media campaigns, and really going all-out. A normal web agency will put out tweets, and send out articles through Facebook, but a cutting-edge web design agency… they really leverage social media to achieve their goals. Lets explore how;

  1. Real-time trend tracking. Social Media isn’t just about communicating… it can be used to really find out what’s going on in your market. By monitoring interesting trends and keeping a steady eye on the news, a web agency can really integrate current events into their social media campaigns for maximum impact. Has a piece of legislation just been announced that could impact on your business? Shout from the rooftops, and make your voice heard.
  2. In-depth market research. You can learn a lot from understanding your audiences. Take the time to learn the attitudes of your potential and current customers, and you’ll reap the rewards when you can speak their language. Building on point number one, take the time to read up when something interesting is trending or occurring in the news. Keep an eye on what people are saying regarding this trend, and touch base with the people of interest.
  3. Harness social media’s cost efficiency benefits. Social Media is, in the majority of cases, free to use. Not only that, but there is a huge range of free-to-use tools that compliment social media. When you’re putting your social strategy together, take the time to research the social platforms and complimenting tools available. There are time, and therefore cost saving methods available.
  4. Don’t just engage, lead. Sure, riding the ‘trend waves’ can certainly bring benefits, but if you can ‘lead the pack,’ you’ll stick out in consumer’s minds. A great example is the company ‘Silk Tide,’ who, when the European Union announced their intention to bring in the Cookie Privacy Directive, really went all out with blogs and campaigns, free-to-use tools to help websites comply, and more.
  5. Broaden your horizons. Prior to the internet, in most cases, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) were limited to selling where they were located. The internet however opened up the marketplace so even the smallest companies could gain an international presence. Now, with social media, small companies aren’t just limited to being able to sell online… they can get their voices heard and communicate, at a world-wide level, with their target market, and all of the potential and current customers this brings.
    To sum up – there are countless opportunities in social media. It’s about making sure you have the right strategy, the right time investment, and the right idea. Combine all of these things, and you’ll succeed in social media.

Author Biography: Pete Campbell is a web design specialist at Jask Group. He got started by building his website when he was just a kid and now helps SMEs and global brands come up with and execute their online marketing strategies.

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