5 Ways To Simplify Your Web Design For Better Results

5 Ways To Simplify Your Web Design For Better Results

Posted: 25th February 2013

Everyone always prefers things that are plain and simple. You have maybe noticed this recently in the design world because simple means elegant. If your design looks too cluttered it is a complete turn-off to a lot of people. This doesn’t mean much when you’re not trying to make money, but as soon as you start scaring people away it means you could be losing dollars because you have too much things on your pages.

A website is somewhere people like to go and read great information. They definitely don’t want to be surrounded by useless things that distract them from what they are there for. If you’re like most people there is a good chance you are messing up the design of your site, so maybe it’s good idea if you look at some of the best ways to simplify it. Test these out individually and see what effect they have on the overall success of your site, and that means your bank balance.

One action

When you’re designing specific pages you don’t want to give people too many options to choose from because they won’t choose the one you want in the majority of cases. If you want to lead someone to your sales page it seems crazy to have links going off in a dozen different directions. Lead someone down a clear path they can easily follow and they will end up where you want them. Have too many distractions about the place and they could end up anywhere.

Get rid of the crap

You want to have a clean page, but before you do that you will need to get rid of everything that shouldn’t be there. Think carefully about this because some things that don’t need to be on one page could maybe go on another. You don’t just want to have everything on your site pointing to your product because that will earn you the trust of no-one. If you can’t find a place for something then don’t be scared to say goodbye to it forever.

Reduce your page count

Have you looked at all the pages on your website and decided all of them are bringing you great value? If they’re not bringing you great value then maybe they don’t need to be there, or they could even be condensed into fewer pages. Everyone would prefer finding all their information on the same page because it makes life easier. How many people do you know that have an ‘about’ page for themselves and their brand? What is wrong with having them on the same page?

Go above the fold

When you want something in the face of as many people as possible it needs to be above the fold. This is the part of the website that everyone will see the majority of the time. Take your important things from down below and include them in the most important area of your site. Just because you’re putting more than one thing above the fold doesn’t mean you’re asking someone to perform more than one action. You can have a sales page link, testimonials, and other things that make your site look great.

Choose a few colors

When you try and use too many colors it just destroys the look you really want. Plain and simple doesn’t mean turning your pages into something that resembles the aftermath of an exploding rainbow. You can choose a few colors at the most and turn them into the ones everyone associates with your website. This will also make it a lot easier on your visitor’s eyes. Another good thing to keep in mind is that a website is better having a light background.

Alexander Shekaroff is well known for his crazy and funky artwork. He works as a part-time web designer. He mostly writes articles related to web design, SEO and blogging. He recommends ITW Consulting to his readers who are looking for something different for their website.

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