5 Things You Shouldn’t Include On Your Website If You Plan On Making Money

5 Things You Shouldn’t Include On Your Website If You Plan On Making Money

Posted: 22nd February 2013

When you’re designing a website it feels great because you can let your creative juices flow like never before. You have a blank slate and can create anything your heart desires. This is nice in theory, but if you plan on making money from your website it’s not as easy as that. The stuff you do should be aimed at getting the most people you can to buy your products. If you mess it up you can have a great looking site, but your bank account will be empty.

This is a big problem for a lot of people because they do want to make money. If this is the case for you then remember your creative juices can flow, but they just need to flow in the right direction. The best thing you can teach yourself is to know the things that do and don’t work. When you come to design your site you will know what should be left out. Let’s look at some of these things now because it will save you a lot of heartache in the future.

A slideshow

These look very stylish so you’d be forgiven for thinking they make a great addition to the site, but they don’t and you should never include them if you want to make money. Giving people more than one choice is crazy and most of them would rather choose none. Getting people onto a sales page is one of the best ways you can increase your income and giving them a slideshow doesn’t offer a clear path to the ‘buy now’ button.

Social media buttons

There are two massive reasons why you shouldn’t use social media buttons on your site, at least not at the moment. When someone clicks on them they are taken away from your site. You should be sending people to your site and not showing them the door. The other big reason is that you might not have the greatest number or followers or fans in the world. Social proof is important and when people see that you don’t have a large following they will think less of your content.

A huge logo

You should realize that most people don’t scroll down when they land on a website because they are in such a rush to move onto the next one. It’s a bit like what you do with the television remote because you’re always flicking through the channels. That means everything above the fold is important and wasting all that space because you have a huge logo is going to affect your conversion rate. You only need to look at Facebook to know that simple sometimes works best.

Stock photos

It’s very tempting to go onto a stock photo site and pick up a few graphics to use inside your articles. Most of them are pretty shocking and you’re just wasting your time. They are the same ones you see on every other site and your visitors will have seen them before. If you find any that look great and tie in with the theme of your site then maybe it will be OK, but don’t choose one of the more simple photos that only hurt the quality of your site.

Recent posts

You see this in the sidebar of a lot of sites and it helps your visitors find your most recent articles. The only problem with this is that your recent articles are already at the top, so why on earth does anyone need help finding them? The only thing it does is eat up valuable space on your site that could be put to better use. A much better option is giving people the most popular articles because you already know they are the ones people like.

Todd Ramos is Founder and CTO at PenTech consulting. He has worked his way upwards through the competition and has established his company at forefront of the seo companies in CT.

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