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40 Best Halloween Websites of 2021

40 Best Halloween Websites of 2021

Posted: 27th September 2021

With the spookiest night of the year right around the corner, the team at Priority Pixels have been working hard to help you prepare with our list of the very best Halloween websites to get you in the spirit of Samhain.

Where does Halloween come from?

An autumn nip in the air and leaves fading from green to amber. The streets are quiet and there’s a cool breeze in the east like something is brewing. The days are getting shorter, and the nights are growing longer… it must be Halloween! But where does the infamous celebration come from?

The festival of Samhain (pronounced som-win) dates back 2000 years. A celebration marked by the Celts as the division between Summer and Winter, it represents the end of the harvest season and is one of four seasonal Celtic holidays. It is said on Samhain the barrier between living mortals and the spirit world became so thin the dead could pass through it. Traditionally family hearths were left to burn out while communities’ lit bonfires, practised ancient traditions and divination and held contests and competitions. At the end of the celebrations, the villagers would take a flame home to relight the family hearths.

People also wore costumes to ward off spirits, a tradition that continues to this day! However, it isn’t just spirits who walk among us on Samhain. Travellers should watch out for The Lady Gwyn. She’s a forlorn-looking, headless spirit appearing dressed all in white with her black sow. Legend has it she pretends to be a lost soul. Be wary though traveller! She will lure or chase anyone she catches wandering at night. There’s also the legend of Stingy Jack, a lazy drunkard stuck in purgatory. You should also watch out for the nefarious creature called the Púca. Púca translates to spirit or goblin in Irish Gaelic.

Is Samhain celebrated today?

Eventually, the tradition of Samhain was brought to America by Irish immigrants. Some say the celebration would become what we know today as Halloween. Samhain is traditionally celebrated from late October into early November, whereas Halloween is strictly an October 31st activity. Other names for Halloween are Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve – some historians believe Halloween is actually a Christianised Samhain and a result of early pagan festivities and traditions dying out as Christianity spread to Europe and Great Britain. Others say the festivities have always been separate. One thing is for sure, Samhain has always been shrouded in mystery.

Halloween these days is very much a family affair. In fact, it is the second biggest holiday celebrated in the USA after Christmas. In some parts of the world, the pagan festival of Samhain is still celebrated, particularly in Ireland where it is said the festival originated. Local festivities are also celebrated in Dartmoor close to Priority Pixels HQ. This is unsurprising considering Dartmoor is the centre of many myths and legends about ghouls, ghosts, witches and spirits.

The Best Halloween Websites 2021 with Priority Pixels

Whichever way you’re getting into the spirit this year, be sure to check out our list of the very best Halloween websites of 2021 below. From family festivities to Horror movies, we’ve done our best to include a variety of different spooky sites to get you in the mood for a frightful night.

Haunted Happenings

40. Haunted Happenings

Visit Website

Party Delights

39. Party Delights

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Party Pieces

38. Party Pieces

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Betty Crocker

37. Betty Crocker

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Jamie Oliver

36. Jamie Oliver

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Jokers' Masquerade

35. Jokers' Masquerade

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Water Mouth Castle

34. Water Mouth Castle

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13th Floor Jacksonville

33. 13th Floor Jacksonville

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Dark Horror Games

32. Dark Horror Games

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Xtreme Scream Park

31. Xtreme Scream Park

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Pumpkin Gutter

30. Pumpkin Gutter

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Red House Mysteries

29. Red House Mysteries

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28. Crealy

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Halloween at Dayton Manor

27. Halloween at Dayton Manor

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26. Gravediggers

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Fear World

25. Fear World

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Ghosts And Gravestones

24. Ghosts And Gravestones

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Halloween Countdown Live

23. Halloween Countdown Live

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Halloween Website

22. Halloween Website

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21. Samhain

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Sinister Visions

20. Sinister Visions

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National Trust: Most Haunted Places

19. National Trust: Most Haunted Places

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Salem Ghosts

18. Salem Ghosts

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Derry Halloween

17. Derry Halloween

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Vintage Halloween

16. Vintage Halloween

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Bloody Disgusting

15. Bloody Disgusting

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Purge Mask

14. Purge Mask

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Trick Or Treat Studios

13. Trick Or Treat Studios

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Horror Shop

12. Horror Shop

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Zombie Pumpkins

11. Zombie Pumpkins

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Smiffys Halloween

10. Smiffys Halloween

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Jib Jab Halloween

9. Jib Jab Halloween

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Trick or Treat Me

8. Trick or Treat Me

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre

7. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Mad About Horror

6. Mad About Horror

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Halloween Kills

5. Halloween Kills

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Fright Find

4. Fright Find

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Hashima Island

3. Hashima Island

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The Ghost Bus Tours

2. The Ghost Bus Tours

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1. Spookers

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What makes a great Halloween website?

From frightening fonts to spooky music, a great Halloween website is all about atmosphere.

What should I include on my Halloween website?

How you decide to style your website will come down to who your target audience is and what you are hoping to achieve with your digital marketing.

You could customise your theme to include classic spooky elements like ghosts and ghouls, or for a more serious vibe add a bit of ominous music. Dark colours and themes are also incredibly popular for Halloween, but for a lighter child-friendly vibe, cartoons and funky music like The Monster Mash are always an absolute must.

How much does a Halloween website cost?

The cost of your website will come down to the specific needs of you and your business or organisation. Do you run a business that specifically sells Halloween decorations, or are you a local bakery wanting to get in the Samhain spirit?

Getting a quote

For an exact quote, it’s best to contact your local digital marketing agency. They’ll be able to talk you through your exact specifications and give you a quote based on what you need.

Can I build my Halloween website with drag and drop software?

You could use drag and drop software and plugins to build your website. However, while it may seem like the easier (and cheaper) option, using drag and drop software can create a multitude of issues for you and your website. From slow loading speeds to a lack of SEO, if you want a site that actually works it may be best to contact the professionals.

Contacting the professionals

Designing your own website without specialist knowledge and expertise can risk your business or organisation being buried on search engines. Outsourcing the management of your website to a professional digital marketing agency will result in a practical, functioning website that ranks and gets traffic.

Who makes the best Halloween websites?

Let’s creep it real, Priority Pixels has been designing boo-tiful websites and bespoke digital marketing strategies for our clients across the South West since 2016. Our team of ghosts and ghouls may shy away from the sun, but we do boast a wealth of digital expertise and knowledge – and we’re always happy to help.

Let’s chat

If you need help with your digital marketing strategy, then we’ve got you covered – just don’t feed our web developers after midnight. Contact us today.

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