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30 Best Hotel Websites of 2021

30 Best Hotel Websites of 2021

Posted: 8th September 2021

Once again the team at Priority Pixels have scoured the world wide web. From the furthest ends of the internet, we bring to you the very best hotel websites of 2021.

If you’ve seen The Inbetweeners movie there is no doubt you’ve forgotten the hilarious moment the four socially awkward boys see their accommodation in Greece. Despite being fictional, there is an element of truth to their situation. A hotel can make or break your holiday. Whether you’re an international backpacking adventurer or a family of five staycation wonder, there is no denying accommodation matters.

What do the best hotel websites have?

These days the first place a potential guest will go is the internet. In this day and age where the internet rules the roost, it is crucial a hotel has a beautifully designed and innovative website. Your hotel website needs to be honest and transparent with beautiful, crisp images showcasing what your accommodation offers.

In addition, the very best hotel websites feature an easy booking system. Reviews are also vital, as is plenty of concise copy talking all about the history of your hotel. This is of particular importance in the UK where the history of a building can go back hundreds of years. As international tourists often come to this part of the world for the history and culture of Britain, make sure you’ve got a bit about the origins of your accommodation to pique their interest. For example, take the Old Bell Hotel at Malmesbury. The hotel dates back to the 13th century!

Website design with Priority Pixels

Therefore without an accessible, easily navigated website, your accommodation could be overlooked.

Priority Pixels is a leading digital marketing agency in the South West – in fact, we like to think we’re Devon’s best-kept secret! To continue delivering innovative, beautifully designed websites to our clients, we often spend hours researching different industries and the digital strategies being used. That way we can create bespoke websites for just about everyone, from construction websites to the IT industry.

Read on for our list of the very best hotel websites of 2021.

Harbour Salcombe

30. Harbour Salcombe

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Headland Hotel and Spa Torquay

29. Headland Hotel and Spa Torquay

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The Grand Hotel

28. The Grand Hotel

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Boringdon Hall

27. Boringdon Hall

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The Cliffden Hotel

26. The Cliffden Hotel

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Devon Hotel

25. Devon Hotel

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COMO The Treasury

24. COMO The Treasury

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Rock House Cottage

23. Rock House Cottage

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The Steam Packet Inn

22. The Steam Packet Inn

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The White Hart Hotel & Restaurant

21. The White Hart Hotel & Restaurant

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The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

20. The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

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The Gleneagles Hotel

19. The Gleneagles Hotel

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The Imperial Torquay

18. The Imperial Torquay

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Bickley Mill

17. Bickley Mill

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St. Elizabeths House

16. St. Elizabeths House

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Baur au Lac

15. Baur au Lac

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andBeyond Benguerra Island

14. andBeyond Benguerra Island

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Hotel 41

13. Hotel 41

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The Imperial Hotel

12. The Imperial Hotel

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Gidleigh Park

11. Gidleigh Park

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Burgh Island

10. Burgh Island

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Bovey Castle

9. Bovey Castle

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SingleThread Farm-Restaurant-Inn

8. SingleThread Farm-Restaurant-Inn

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The Royal Castle Hotel

7. The Royal Castle Hotel

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RAAS Jodhpur

6. RAAS Jodhpur

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Belmond Hotel Splendido

5. Belmond Hotel Splendido

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La Mamounia

4. La Mamounia

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Singita Pamushana Lodge

3. Singita Pamushana Lodge

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Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa

2. Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa

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El Fenn

1. El Fenn

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What makes a great hotel website?

There are many elements that make a website great. Enhance the user experience with the following guide.

Make a great first impression

Visitors to your website are there to get an idea of what your hotel offers and looks like before making a booking. It’s so important to provide a detailed description of what your hotel has to offer in an engaging way. Providing inviting, professional photography is a great way to do this. Ensure to include accommodation, restaurants, swimming pools and any other attractions that will enhance your visitor’s experience.

Shows tourist attractions nearby

Visitors to your hotel will likely want to explore your local area. As a result, it’s important to always showcase tourist attractions near your hotel. Beautiful imagery of beaches, woodlands and other nature experiences for example create a warm and welcoming experience for your visitors.

Embedding Google maps directly onto your website also provides a way for prospective visitors to explore the area before booking.

Includes reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are important for any business. Displaying these on your website is the best way to show what your previous visitors have thought, and what makes you stand out. Reviews can be taken from many places such as Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor.

Creates a user-friendly website that’s easy to navigate

Providing an easy and seamless booking system is one of the last stages of the booking process. Potential visitors to your website should be able to check availability on certain dates throughout the year and place a booking with ease. A booking system that doesn’t require too much thinking is crucial to making a sale.

Does branding matter for a hotel website?

There is no denying that branding matters, even for the smallest hotel or guesthouse. From your logo to your chosen colour palette, branding helps to build loyalty and trust with your customers.

There is more to owning a hotel than simply making sure your guests have a good experience.

Brand awareness, visibility and consistency

Brand awareness will ensure you’re instantly recognisable by your target audience. If you hope to build a reputation and turn your customers into regular guests, then your branding needs to be visually appealing and consistent across your physical and digital channels. This includes your social media, website and of course the accommodation itself.

For example, take Novotel which is owned by ALL, which stands for Accor Live Limitless. Novotel is a chain of international hotels that are instantly recognisable just by their signature logo and navy blue colour palette. Guests who book into the Novotel know exactly what to expect – and that’s why they continue to stay there.

How to I create branding for my hotel?

Even if your accommodation is just a single, small inn up in the Scottish Highlands, your branding will still matter.

Start by asking yourself what kind of accommodation you offer – do you own a chain of luxury hotels or a single inn with a small handful of rooms? Does your accommodation ooze small-town country charm, or are you highly likely to see Kim Kardashian in the lobby?

Brand guidelines

After working out the tone of voice and overall message of your brand, write out a series of strict brand guidelines that outline the visual aspects of your marketing. It’s important that across your marketing, your branding is consistent. It should never be open to interpretation. You brand guidelines should include:

  • Your tone of voice: How does your brand use language and emotion? This is where you work out the type of accommodation you are offering
  • Logos: This includes your logo, any secondary logos, and your icons for the website
  • Colour palette: Your primary and secondary colors
  • Typography: Your brand guidelines should include font styles, sizes, and line spacing
  • Imagery: Photos, illustrations, and any artwork

How much does a hotel website cost?

Every website is different. A hotel website can cost anywhere from £1000 to £20,000. It all depends on what your hotel can offer and what your website will need.

For an exact quote, it’s best to contact the team at Priority Pixels. We can talk you through your exact specifications and give you a quote based on exactly what you need.

Do I need a professional digital marketing agency to design my website?

You could use a drag and drop template to design your website. However, outsourcing the management of your online presence to a digital marketing agency will guarantee a professional, functioning website that actually works.

By designing your own website you are putting your business or organisation at risk of getting buried on search rankings. A digital marketing agency can make sure your website is visible and functioning, as well as optimised for both mobile and search engines.

Who makes the best hotel websites?

Would we even be a digital marketing agency if we didn’t toot our own horn every so often?

Your website with Priority Pixels

Priority Pixels has been designing and developing bespoke websites for a variety of different industries since we were first founded in 2016.

We boast a knowledgeable team of fully qualified web experts and digital specialists covering all areas of digital marketing, from web design and social media to copywriting and content creation.

If your business or organisation needs assistance with your online marketing strategy, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today.

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