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25 Best Websites of 2020

25 Best Websites of 2020

Posted: 3rd September 2020

Creating an eye-catching, innovative website that is also functional and easily accessible can be a difficult task. A well designed website can be the difference between whether a visitor converts or leaves the site. Making your website stand out from your competitors can sway the opinion of potential customers. The more that technology develops the shorter people’s attention spans are getting. If your website is designed impeccably but is a hassle to navigate, people will just click off of your website. Simplicity is key.

Websites that think outside of the box when it comes to design usually win awards for their innovative thinking. However, creating a fine balance between creative design and usability is key. If a website has a unique design, visitors need to still be able to access and understand the information on the page.

Creatively designed websites also need to be responsive. With more people searching the internet on mobile or tablet devices, a website that doesn’t function properly on those devices can impact your business. When designing a unique website it is important to think about whether the design will work on different sized screens.

Content is also important when designing an award winning website. Customers visit a website to find out specific information. If that information is not easy to find, they will simply click off of your website and onto a different one. Having a clear and simple navigation will help people find what they are looking for.

Sharing information about your products or services and educating your customers on your business can help you build a relationship with them. It will also give your customers more faith in your business and hold you in high regard as being knowledgeable and well informed.

There are many different factors that go into developing a website. We have selected 25 best websites of 2020 that showcase creativity, innovation and usability.

1 Minus 1

25. 1 Minus 1

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24. Vodka

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23. Laracon

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Casa Living

22. Casa Living

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Our Environment

21. Our Environment

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Globe Kit

20. Globe Kit

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Vc Swipe

19. Vc Swipe

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18. Fleava

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17. Pioneer

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Main Letter

16. Main Letter

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Super Market Asia

15. Super Market Asia

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14. Luxardo

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Rose Maggie

13. Rose Maggie

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Arts District Kitchen

12. Arts District Kitchen

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Reputation Defender

11. Reputation Defender

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10. Zero

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Thibaut Foussard

9. Thibaut Foussard

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8. Agora

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Chill Out

7. Chill Out

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6. Degenesis

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First Cut Corn

5. First Cut Corn

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4. Zenly

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3. Aanika

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BlackFin Tech

2. BlackFin Tech

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1. Toggl

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