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25 Best News Websites of 2020

25 Best News Websites of 2020

Posted: 22nd September 2020

News websites have one job, to inform readers of what is happening around the world. They need to be simple to navigate, with a sleek and simple design. News websites can fall victim to being overwhelmed with a wide range of stories to read. Minimalist designs can help site visitors find the story they were looking for with ease.

An easy to use navigation bar will help readers find the stories they are looking for. Making it as easy as possible for users to either search for an exact title or look through specific categories will improve usability.

Content is key for news websites. The copy needs to be informative and direct to the point, giving people the main facts of the story in easily digestible chunks. It also needs to be relevant. Breaking news stories can change in the blink of an eye. They need to be promptly updated as people will usually head online to find out all of the immediate details of a story. If a breaking news story does not have the most up to date information, readers will bounce off of the website to find a more up to date one.

News websites also need to be reputable and trustworthy sources. When heading to news websites, most people want to be presented with the facts and be able to trust that they are coming from a well informed source. If there are contradicting statements from different articles on different websites, or even from within the same article or website, readers may lose faith in the validity of the information.

We have gathered a list of 25 best news websites of 2020 that find the balance between engaging content and good designs.

BBC News

1. BBC News

Visit Website
The Telegraph

2. The Telegraph

Visit Website
Daily Mail

5. Daily Mail

Visit Website
The Guardian

6. The Guardian

Visit Website
Sky News

7. Sky News

Visit Website
Daily Star

9. Daily Star

Visit Website

11. Independent

Visit Website
Bury Times

12. Bury Times

Visit Website
Echo News

14. Echo News

Visit Website
North Hampton Chronicle

15. North Hampton Chronicle

Visit Website

17. Express

Visit Website
Daily Record

18. Daily Record

Visit Website
The Financial Times

19. The Financial Times

Visit Website
First News

20. First News

Visit Website
Lynn News

21. Lynn News

Visit Website
Worcester News

22. Worcester News

Visit Website
Channel 4 News

23. Channel 4 News

Visit Website
The Times

24. The Times

Visit Website
Evening Standard

25. Evening Standard

Visit Website

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