20 Best Devon Hotel Websites of 2019

20 Best Devon Hotel Websites of 2019

Posted: 10th September 2019

Anyone who has been on holiday will agree, the hotel can make or break your experience. When looking for the perfect hotel the web is the first place anyone will look. From a business perspective, having a responsive and visually appealing website is key to your business’s success. Visitors to your website will make a booking decision based on how easy it is to find information on your website, how well your hotel is presented and how easy it is to book online. Devon is an extremely popular destination, so we wanted to look at 20 Of The Best Devon Hotel Websites.

What makes a great hotel website?

There are many elements which make a website great and enhance the user experience. Before we look at our favourite Devon hotel websites in 2019, let’s first discuss what makes a hotel website great.

Makes a great first impression

Visitors to your website are there to get an idea of what your hotel offers and looks like before making a booking. It’s so important to provide a detailed description of what your hotel has to offer in an engaging way. Providing inviting, professional photography is a great way to do this. Ensure to include accommodation, restaurants, swimming pools and any other attractions that will enhance your visitors experience.

Shows tourist attractions nearby

Visitors to your hotel will likely want to explore Devon. Displaying tourist attractions near your hotel is a great way to entice potential tourists to make a booking. Beautiful imagery of beaches, woodlands and other nature experiences creates a warm and welcoming experience for your visitors. Embedding Google maps directly onto your website also provides a way for prospective visitors to explore the area before booking.

Includes reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are important for any business. Displaying these on your website is the best way to show what your previous visitors have thought…and what makes you stand out. This is particularly important if your hotel is not established as others. Reviews can be taken from many places such as Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor.

Creates a user friendly website that’s easy to navigate

Providing an easy and seamless booking system is one of the last stages of the booking process but one of the most important. Potential visitors to your website should be able to check availability on certain dates throughout the year and place a booking with ease. A booking system that doesn’t require too much thinking is crucial to making a sale.

Top 20 Devon Hotel Websites

Bovey Castle

1. Bovey Castle

Gidleigh Park

2. Gidleigh Park

Burgh Island

3. Burgh Island

The Imperial Torquay

6. The Imperial Torquay

Cary Arms & Spa

7. Cary Arms & Spa

The Imperial Hotel

8. The Imperial Hotel

St. Elizabeths House

9. St. Elizabeths House

Beyond Escapes

10. Beyond Escapes

Royal Carvery

11. Royal Carvery

The White Hart Hotel & Restaurant

12. The White Hart Hotel & Restaurant

Bickley Mill

13. Bickley Mill

The Steam Packet Inn

14. The Steam Packet Inn

Rock House Cottage

15. Rock House Cottage

The Cliffden Hotel

17. The Cliffden Hotel

The Grand Hotel

18. The Grand Hotel

Headland Hotel and Spa Torquay

19. Headland Hotel and Spa Torquay

The Royal Castle Hotel

20. The Royal Castle Hotel


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