10 PPC Landing Pages Best Practices

10 PPC Landing Pages Best Practices

Posted: 18th June 2013

A pay per click (PPC) campaign is not complete without a landing page. Yet, there are instances where the landing page does not deliver the results you are looking for. At the end of the day, most marketers feel that if they have used the best keywords and optimised their campaign, they will get the conversions they need. However, things aren’t as simple as that. There is more to PPC landing pages than just creation and optimisation. You need to make sure your landing page is geared towards high conversion else you might not be satisfied with the results you get.

So, what do the best PPC landing pages have that others don’t? Apparently, they follow the best practices with regards to creating a landing page so they have a better chance of getting conversions. If it works for everyone else, there is no reason why this tactic won’t work for you as well. What you need to do is apply the best practices for PPC landing pages and you will improve your chances of having a higher conversion.

What you have to realise is that the number of conversions you get and the overall conversion rate determines the success or failure of your online marketing campaign. With PPC, you have to get people to click on the ads, but the average internet user today requires more convincing than ever. That is why you shouldn’t give them any excuse not to click on the ads you have placed across the internet. Otherwise, you wouldn’t make the kind of money other marketers do.

So, what this means is that the conversion rate is important not only to justify the effort you make but also to provide a solid return on investment. But, how do you get a higher conversion rate? Just follow the following best practices for landing pages for PPC and you are good to go.

1. Create a Killer Headline

The headline is the first thing a visitor will read on your landing page. You need to capture his/her attention from the outset which is only possible if you have a killer headline. The headline should highlight the benefit you offer. Also, if you can, add some keywords into the headline. If you get the headline right, half the job is done. You will have convinced the user to at least go over the rest of your website.

2. Have ONE Call to Action

A feature of best PPC landing pages is that they have a single call to action. What most marketers do wrong is that they ask the user to do too much stuff. You need to keep it simple and straight. Just ask the user to perform the action you desire. For that, you only require one call to action on the page, not 10. So, make sure you minimise the calls to action you have. Else, the visitors will run away if asked to do too much.

3. Call to Action Should Be At the Top

Along with having just one call to action, you should try and get it near the top of the page as well. This is important to make them visible and prominent. The visitors are more likely to see it and respond than if you place it in the middle or at the bottom of the page.

4. Keep the Conversion Form Minimal

One of the reasons visitors refrain from filling out conversion forms is because too much information is asked for. You can address this concern once and for all by keeping the conversion form to as few fields as possible. This is crucial to get them to make the effort to fill the form out.

5. Place the Form in the Right Sidebar

A golden rule of great landing pages for PPC is to have the conversion form in the right sidebar. You may not realise this but a person’s eyes dart to the right after scanning the headline. If the first thing he/she sees is the conversion form, your chances of getting a conversion improve considerably.

6. Post Brief and Catchy Content

People have the tendency to just skim through PPC landing pages. You cannot convince them to read long paragraphs detailing what the page is about. This is why you should keep the content on the page brief and catchy. For some reason, people are attracted to short paragraphs and are more likely to read it from start to finish.

7. Improve Page Loading Speed

When a user clicks on a link to your landing page, he/she shouldn’t have to wait for more than a few seconds for the page to load. Check the loading speed of your landing page and make sure it is as quick as possible. The faster it loads, the more time a user is likely to spend on it. If it takes forever, you have next to no chance of conversion. 3 seconds are all you have else your quality score will suffer.

8. Keep the Layout Simple

Don’t turn your landing page into a maze the user has a hard time getting through. The key to user-friendly PPC landing pages is easy navigation. Make sure the user is able to get to different parts of your website without hassle. There is no doubt that adding images can add life to your landing page, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of user experience (UX).

9. Do Away with the Animation

Videos may speak a million words but they can make your website heavy which causes it to take more time to load. So, one thing you can do to improve your conversion rate is removing all animation from your landing page.

10. Add Valuable Links

Last, but not the least, add links to your original website or blog. If a user is on the fence regarding whether to convert, a visit to your website may seal the deal. That is only possible if you provide a link to your website, preferably through a logo or image. Let the users learn more about what you have to offer before they make your decision.

These are 10 PPC landing pages best practices you should follow to improve your chances of success and have a better conversion rate.

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