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10 Best Social Media Agency Websites of 2021

10 Best Social Media Agency Websites of 2021

Posted: 15th July 2021

There is no denying the power of social media. It’s our modern source of news and entertainment; a way to communicate with old friends and form connections with new ones. Perhaps even more astonishing are the grown adults now walking among us with driving licenses and full-time jobs who don’t remember a time before social media and the internet ruled the world. In a matter of mere decades, social media has become a pivotal part of our day-to-day lives. As somewhat experts on the topic, the team at Priority Pixels has compiled a list of the very best social media agency websites of 2021.

As a digital marketing agency specialising in bespoke strategies, social media management and content creation, it’s important we stay on top of the latest digital trends happening globally. Social media is a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy, and with so many smaller businesses overwhelmed by cancel culture, Tik Tok trends and hashtags (what on earth is #WellnessWednesday?), you may benefit from outsourcing the management of your platforms to a professional social media agency.

Thinking of hiring a social media agency? Check out our list of the best social media agency websites.

First things first though, what is a social media agency?

What is a social media agency?

A social media agency is a team of specialists and experts who can manage your social media platforms for you and your business. If your business hasn’t got social media, you’re definitely missing out. A large, genuine following can drive traffic to your site.

These days consumers are demanding more transparency and honesty. Gone are the days where you could simply buy followers and likes. You’re going to need a real following from legitimate accounts.

Social media is a fantastic way to build a community and put a face to your brand. Hiring a young person and calling it a day may seem like the perfect solution – the young love tech, right? Think again. A team of professional social media managers can analyse your audience, build a bespoke strategy and grow your following through meaty, organic content.

Lost yet? Don’t worry – your social media agency has got you covered. The hard part is choosing the right agency for you and your business.

The Social Shepherd

10. The Social Shepherd

A leading social media specialist in the UK, Social Shepherd’s website is minimalist with bold font and select yet effective use of colour. We particularly like the use of teal, as well as their illustrations and behind-the-scenes team imagery.

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Tokyo Creative

9. Tokyo Creative

Tokyo Creative have designed an innovative and bold website with plenty of copy and content to click through. We love the moving homepage that takes us on a tour through Japan.

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HYAM Studios

8. HYAM Studios

A social media agency based in Berlin, we love the incorporation of minimalist aesthetics and dynamic imagery on HYAM’s contemporary website. The copy is concise yet informative – and better yet, there’s plenty of it.

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Forever Agency

7. Forever Agency

Forever Agency has incorporated moving video and animation into their homepage. We love the bold font, use of colour and strong call to action at the foot of the page.

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6. Roast

A bold colour scheme and interactive home page make for an enticing entrance to Roast’s innovative and dynamic website.

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5. Bynd

Bynd have designed a dynamic and innovative website that emulates their brand and style of marketing. We love how they have incorporated video into their design.

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4. Mosh

Mosh is a New Zealand-based agency with a dynamic web design that incorporates beautiful, crisp imagery and large bold text that immediately catches your eye.

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3. Ceek

Ceek’s website is minimalist bliss. They incorporate a black and white colour scheme with a simple web design that utilises its white space for a contemporary ‘art gallery-esque’ aesthetic. Bravo.

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303 London

2. 303 London

We love 303’s gorgeous forest green colour scheme and simple illustrations. The website has been designed beautifully, and features plenty of informative copy that is easy to read and understand.

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Priority Pixels

1. Priority Pixels

Well, what did you expect?

Priority Pixels has been a leading digital marketing agency in the Southwest since 2016. Our small but mighty team of web experts and design specialists have a wealth of knowledge and experience developing and implementing digital marketing strategies, including the management of social media platforms for our clients.

We’re Devon’s best-kept secret.

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Does my business need a social media agency?

Social media allows businesses to put a face to their brand. By putting your business out there you’re opening a dialogue with your audience, unlike previous marketing platforms which manifest simple, one-way conversations. You can form a community with your audience and create content that adds value to their day and encourages organic interaction through follows, likes and shares.

Can I manage my own social media?

Ponder this; do you really think you have the professional skills required to grow a social media following successfully?

While you could manage your own social media, employing the assistance of an agency gives you access to an entire team of experts and specialists who can grow your following and drive traffic to your site – meaning you’ll have more time to focus on your business.

Who is the best social media agency?

Priority Pixels of course! We’ve been developing bespoke digital marketing strategies for our clients since 2016. Our team of social media strategists and web experts have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to grow your social media platforms. We offer a range of different services that will get your business where it needs to go.

Is an in-house manager or social media agency better?

While hiring an in-house social media manager may seem like the cheaper option, employing the help of a social media agency gives your business access to an entire team of experts with a wealth of knowledge for a fraction of the yearly cost.

How much does social media management cost?

The cost of outsourcing your social media management depends on the needs of your business. For an accurate quote, it’s best to approach the team at Priority Pixels.

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