10 Alternatives to Wix

Posted: 12th January 2017

At Priority Pixels we can’t say we’re huge fans of website builders but completely understand the need for people to get a low cost website. The problem with website builders as we see it is they work fine for hobby sites but if you have a proper business they aren’t going to do you any favours in the long run.

We’ve compiled a list of alternatives to Wix, which is one of the more popular site builders. Obviously our own business starter package far exceeds anything you’ll get with an off the shelf package so we’ve kindly added this to the top of our list.

Priority Pixels Business Starter Package

Priority Pixels Business Starter Package


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Paul Clapp

Paul has over 15 years of web design and project management experience working in IT and marketing. As Co-Founder and Creative Director of Priority Pixels, Paul manages the day to day running of all web design and SEO related projects.

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